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Clickfunnels: Your Gateway To A Full-time Passive Income Stream

Ever feel like your primary income is just not enough for that world tour you are planning? Well now, add a few more digits to your primary income by being a part of Clickfunnels’ affiliate program.

Some might ask: There are other options for earning passive money online, why Clickfunnels? ClickFunnels is simple, it is reliable, and it has opportunities that match with your imagination. So why not start your full-time passive income right now?

What Is Clickfunnels?

Before we come up with some grand schemes, we need to understand what Clickfunnels is and how its affiliate program works. Basically, Clickfunnels is a software company that merges all of your marketing and sales teams in one medium.

It means that it makes a lucrative website inside a sales funnel for online entrepreneurs who do not have the skill required to make an attractive website where they can conduct their business.

As for what a sales funnel is, it is a compilation of all the steps that a person has to go through to become your customer. There are ways to describe it even more, but let us skip the heavy details for now.

What Is the Affiliate Program of Clickfunnels?

How does affiliate marketing work? Simply put, affiliate programs are where a website promotes a merchant website's products and traffic their way, and for every product sold by their promotion, they get paid by a pre-discussed agreement.

There are three parties involved in this whole clickfunnels affiliate program. First is the merchant website, then the affiliate website, and lastly the customers or the traffic.

Here are some ways to select an affiliate program that will be a great source of passive income.

1.Choosing the Affiliate Program

The best way to start is to focus on choosing and promoting only one affiliate offer. While on the topic of selecting offers, make sure to select a product that you personally find an interest in.

This will help you in the long run as the more interested you are in the product, the more likely it is that you will be fruitful in selling it.

2.Commission Agreement

As we previously noted the money you get is by an agreement between your affiliate website and the merchant website, it is of utmost importance that you select a merchant website that provides a generous amount of commission.

For starters, try looking for merchant sites that provide at least 20% commission for every product sold. This way, with the added income, you can spend some money on advertisements and keep your affiliate program profitable.

3.Low Competition, High Demand

Finally, you need to see the market value of a product and see how many competitors you have. If you are able to find a product that has a few producers but has a high market value, meaning it is demanding among the buyers, choose that product as it will be very easy to sell, thus making your work a little bit easier.

Now you might ask, why join ClickFunnels’ affiliate program? There are many more out there.

Well here are a few probable answers to that question:

Recurring Revenue

ClickFunnels can give you a lifetime revenue which can be recurring, as ClickFunnels knows which of its affiliates are providing them traffic via sticky cookies.

These cookies track where the buyer came from and attach that data to your account.

Higher Rates Of Commissions

Clickfunnels gives you a hefty amount of commission, about 40% off every service sold.

But the best part is not even that. Usually, when commissions are this high, they mean it is a one-time deal. But Clickfunnels?

They provide recurring commission, meaning you will receive money as long as you affiliate their service.

But there is more! You get an additional 5% extra for all of the commissions your affiliate makes! This means when you sign someone up, you get 40%, and when that person signs someone else up, you get an additional 5% on everything the second person buys. That is a win-win-win!

A Unique Opportunity

Clickfunnels may not be the best service overall, but it is one of a kind for its type. With many companies leaning towards digital marketing, the popularity of Clickfunnels is steadily rising, and the possibilities of achieving profit by standing with Clickfunnels are much more viable than many other products.

Helps You Learn and Grow

A large number of products that have very high demand all across the globe! Their service “Funnel Builder Secrets” has a price point ranging from $1,997 to $5,997. Another genuine resource is the “Affiliate Bootcamp” where you get to see how super affiliates are dominating the affiliate program.

Just like these two, there are many other services, courses, and resources that you can affiliate and generate a hefty amount of income every month.

Some of these are Clickfunnels software, books such as “Dotcom Secrets'' and “Traffic Secrets,” masterclasses such as “Secret Masterclass,” and training programs such as “One funnel Away Challenge.”

The One Funnel Away Challenge even provides a 100% commission.

Easy For Even Beginners

Even for newcomers who have little idea about affiliate marketing, Clickfunnels offers courses for your improvement, so that you can also achieve your desired profit in the affiliate market.

The free boot camp course offers in-depth guides on how to be successful in the affiliate market. Although it is free for the first four days, you can pay to see the whole course and other behind the scene videos where other successful affiliates show their ways of success.

Final Words

While Clickfunnels offers you a variety of ways to earn passively and or even give you a chance to leave your day job and become a full-time affiliate, you still have some things to do as not all is laid in front of you. You still need to understand how to use it effectively, what business or service you are going to choose, and how you are going to manage customers. But once you get through the learning curve and get a hold of how things operate, you will surely see better days in your future.

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Syandita Malakar
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