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Client Gift Ideas That Keep Your Company On Top Of Minds

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Client satisfaction is an essential factor that contributes to the success of a business. Clients are an important source of revenue which make your business recognisable within your target group & keep your brand ahead of the competitors. Therefore, it is crucial to achieve client satisfaction & gain their interest.

Client retention is crucial to sustainable company growth. But how do you show how much you value your clients? Along with excellent client support, you can opt for corporate gifts in Dubai to keep up good relationships & keep your company on top of minds.

Not sure what gift ideas to select for your reputed clients? Let us help you with our list of trusted gift ideas.


Calendars are the most useful items in any household or office. Whether you simply want to check what day it is or plan holidays for a family trip- you have to look at the calendar to keep track of dates and days. Personalised with your brand’s name and logo, a calendar would a make suitable gift option for your clients. Every look at the calendar which remind them of your business and products and their long-lasting association with your brand.

Gourmet Food Basket

There are many brands which have completely revolutionised the way bulky food baskets used to look. Now the gourmet baskets include more healthy food items and look appealing as well. The carefully-crafted gourmet food baskets are excellent to show your appreciation and trust over your clients that will leave an everlasting impression. Don’t forget to tag a lovely ‘Thank You’ note along with the gift basket.

Customised Water Bottles

No matter what the occasion is, when you need the perfect client gift to meet their expectations, customised gifts always work. Water bottles are functional items that are used by people every day. Whether you’re working out in the gym or going for a road trip, water bottles are essential items that you carry everywhere. Turn a simple gift of the water bottle into a unique one with the touch of personalisation. Engraved with the name and logo of your business, a customised water bottle will promote your brand & the clients will associate to it.

Subscription Boxes

From artisan teas to cookies to magazines, there are plenty of subscription box ideas. A subscription box is a gift that keeps on giving. The delivery of the subscription box is like a new gift every month that will brighten up the day of your clients. It will act as a monthly promotion of your brand that could be taken care of at once. The monthly subscription box delivery will allow your clients to discover new favourite each time & make them realise that you truly value & appreciate their association.


Stationery refers to a wide gamut of writing materials, including pen, paper, envelopes, pencils, message pads, notepads, stapler, pins, etc. They are essentials items that facilitate smooth functioning of the office, college and school work in many ways. Having the right stationery supply is essential for day to day running of a business. Investing in a selection of branded stationery is a great way to promote your business among your clients. There is an increased demand for all things eco-friendly so stick to brands that provide eco-friendly stationery items. It will portray the environment-friendly image of your brand in front of your clients.


Plants are the gifts that grow. Gifting plants is a distinctive gesture that allows you to spread happiness and positivity among your clients. The indoor plants have stress-busting abilities that will give a boost of energy to their interiors. Plants will remind your clients that they are an important part of your business & create a positive feeling with their loyalty and support. Such a thoughtful gesture will help strengthen business relationships and meet your clients’ expectations.

Handwritten Thank You Notes

Express gratitude towards your clients with thoughtful handwritten notes. Clearly state why you are sending the note and include details about how much you enjoyed working with them all these years. A personalised thank you note goes a long way in strengthening your business and personal relationships with your clients. The simple act of gratitude will leave a good impression on them & create a memory not soon forgotten.

Be thoughtful about what and how you gift your clients. As the gift will not only keep your business on top of mind but also promote loyalty among clients.

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