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Why Clinical Laboratories are Essential in Healthcare Today

Clinical laboratories are one of many responsible for the first lines of defense in healthcare. They can carry out all kinds of services. Some include diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. One particular test, known as blood testing, requires the use of clinical laboratories.

They are run by phlebotomists. As such, these professionals are in charge of collecting blood. The blood being collected is stored safely in a controlled environment. Once they learn the patient’s blood nutrients, they relay the information to other departments about the health of the specific patient.  

At one look, they give the most important advisories before the treatment can take place. This article will take a close look as to why clinical laboratories hold as much importance in today’s healthcare.

Proper Sanitation of Medical Equipment

Every health clinic or hospital always has their equipment ready for use. In clinical laboratories, they are sterilized from any germs which may infect anyone who will use them. This is especially true to blood testing.

The blood is prone to any form of disease; HIV and Hepatitis can be transmitted via blood contact. When the equipment is not properly disposed nor sanitized, infection can be widespread. This is why on the start and end of their shift, everything must be clean at all times. 

Observes Strict Health Protocols

Phlebotomists are the coordinators in the health field. Usually working with the laboratory technologists, they have an acute skill when it comes to safety. When they try to get the blood from the patient, they make sure that the patient is at ease. This builds trust between the two. In the process of getting blood, the needles to be used are clean and to be disposed after use. 

This can be applied even outside of the clinical laboratory. With great attention to detail, they follow health standards in maintaining order. 

Easy Availability of Healthcare

These laboratories can be done on-site or on a mobile clinic, whichever is available. With the advancements of technology, healthcare can be provided to all patients. Laboratory testing can be done with Phleetbo for example. Having laboratory testing at your own convenience is an advantage on its own. 

Flexibility in Health Departments

For Clinical Laboratories, they give out the tasks to the needed departments. Every department gets information from them and it determines how the patients should be treated. If the person’s blood for example has a certain disease, the laboratory will research first before it will be passed on. This part is vital since it needs accurate information at all times. Once done, all departments will follow suit. 

In another sense, their level of responsibility will cause a domino effect. They need to give out correct information even when under pressure. This ensures that the patient will be treated with the appropriate medicine or treatment. 


To summarize, clinical laboratories bear the same amount of responsibility in the medical field. They handle infectious diseases, blood testing, and provide information to the assigned departments. All of their experts follow all health standards in and out of the workplace. Without them, the state of healthcare may not be as efficient as it is now. 

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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