Clinical Reasoning Cycle


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In this article, we are going through the Clinical Reasoning Cycle and its numerous applications. This article not only clears the concept of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle but also helps you to implement this sort of vital concept in real-life situations.

Understand The Term “Clinical Reasoning Cycle” In Nursing

In the clinical reasoning cycle, you need to do three major steps. In the first step, you need to collect indications and deeply understand problems that have been diagnosed. The second step includes the possible and required monitor interventions for treating it. And in the third step, you need to note what you find out and you also need to reflect upon what you learned from it and how you can improve this in the future.


Steps of Clinical Reasoning Cycle

All the three steps we discussed above are the main step involves in the clinical reasoning cycle. As a medical student, you would never be stuck between these steps. 


As a student, you always would get clinical internships and placements. You would apply the Clinical reasoning cycle practically while dealing with a patient in reality. Here is the process that you must follow. Here are the 8 main steps of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle make sure that you must follow each rule diligently. Because each of this step is interrelated.

8 steps of Clinical Reasoning Cycle

  1. Considering Patient Situation


The first and foremost step is to get to know about the health condition and situation of the patient. Whenever the patient comes to you the first time make sure to make properly detail notes of his/her. Even if you get an assignment you just need to follow this cycle, you must consider the patient’s situation because it directly includes the context and facts about the patient.


  1. Collecting Cues


The second step is about the review all the previous details of the patient. You need to mention the history of the patient like the previous surgeries, operations, and many other things. You also need to make some extra notes that the patient personally told about him/her self.


  1. Processing Information


This step includes the process efficiently all information of the patient. This all information would help you during the treatment. This also helps you to relate to other situations and the behavior of the patient. We advise you to take this step very carefully and preciously.


  1. Identifying Problems


The next step is to perfectly identify the problem with the patient. Because only when you find the real problem you will able to conduct a treatment properly.


  1. Establishing Goals


Once you identify the problem then you need to establish the goal of recovery and progress of health of any patient.


  1. Taking Actions


Once you establish your goal then you need to do some actions to fulfill it within time. You need to use many methods you learned in nursing.


  1. Evaluating Outcomes


In this step, you need to evaluate the outcomes by the step you have taken for the treatment. How it affects patient health and many other things, you need to consider many things.


  1. Reflecting On the Process


In the final step, you have evaluated the outcomes and reflect upon what you learned from this situation. You need to identify such areas where you need to improve yourself and work towards it.

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