Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Clothing Trends That Are Based On Technology: The Future Of Apparel Industry Is Becoming A Reality!

Futurist fashion has entered a whole new era in the past decade. The clothing designs and textiles have induced technology and now the idea that were once a dream of tech-savvy fashion designers have become a reality. Although these new smart fashion trends have not become common yet, they are gradually becoming popular because they are integrated with purposefulness. There are many smart clothes that serve different medical purposes and makes the wearers have a very good experience.

This blog is to mention all the innovative tech-apparels that are invented to make the lives easier for us. These apparels are amazing and give us a glimpse of how the future generations will dress. These clothes may not be available in the local markets yet. However, you can check out online wholesale apparel supplies on good b2b websites to see the pricing details of these clothes.

Some of the smart dress inventions assure that future of the textile will not have a negative impact on the environment while many others are integrated with medical facilities. Lets start with one of the most useful inventions of the era.

Medical Data Collector

Smart clothing has a category of apparels that are specifically designed to provide medical assistance to the users. These cloths make it much convenient to have a record of an individual’s medical data and people can easily access their medical data with regularly. They will not have to use the apparatus for checking their heartrate and blood pressure every time they want to have a check. The cloths can collect data, record it, and make it accessible by transferring it on Cloud.

This technology is available in bras, socks, sleeves, t-shirts, and shirts. The users can choose from these many options. The fabric that is used to make these smart cloths has physical activity sensors, embedded ECG at strategic points, respiration sensors as well. These inventions are exceptionally empowering if you would notice. They save up time and help people lead healthier lives. These cloths do not need to be charged for up to 50 hours.

Phone Controlling Sensors

The smart phone technology is one of the fastest growing technology in the world. The technology has made unbelievable transitions in a small time period. Currently, it has combined itself with the apparel-tech to make the user experience of smart phones better. The cloths are made to have embedded sensors that will allow the users to switch on music, attend calls, and different other functions. These cloths are very useful for athletes, specifically cyclists. They do not need to stop from doing what they are doing in order to attend calls or do something similar on their phones.

Smart Socks

People use socks as a regular clothing accessory and having smart technology induced with socks can change many lives. The smart socks can perform a number of different tasks if they are connected with a specific smart phone app. They can identify the running style of the user and warn the user if their running style is not healthy or appropriate.

Smart socks can count the steps of the users and record it for helping users who are trying loss weight by walking. Other than that, smart socks can calculate the speed of the runner as well as the burned calories. It can perform as a running coach who would give audio guidelines to improve the users running style. The socks simply have a sensors that can detect pressure.

Clothes that Change Colors

Technological development has come to a point where human beings can imitate nature to a whole a new level. You can act a like a chameleon in a party by wearing clothes that change color. The fabric has micro-wires that change the color with the change in temperature. However, users can control the change of the color by using a button attached to the cloth. This technology is available in bags and accessories as well. This is surely a good news for all the people who do not want to spend a lot on clothes and accessories and yet, want to wear new clothes frequently. International wholesale apparel supplies may have a lot different designs and accessories with this technology.

Shoes and Clothes Created with Ocean Waste

The researches has been showing that textile industry is causing huge damage to the environment because of the micro-fabrics. Micro-fabric are tiny threads from fabrics that are released in the ocean with the dirty water from washing clothes. This is a big debt the textile industry owe the environment. However, the new tech is improving the situation with new inventions. For instance, there is a new trend in the textile industry that clothing companies use plastic from the ocean for manufacturing brand new shoes and clothes.

These are a few trends that technology has brought in to the textile and apparel industry, making it clear that the future of fashion and textile is much brighter and smarter.

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