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Cloud IVR System: The Perfect Tool to Handle Customer Calls in Times of COVID-19

This year companies from all over the world have moved towards a work-from-home mode to combat the COVID-19 situation. While this remote working may seem easy, the grim reality is that business organizations face a lot of challenges as there are many unexpected obstacles.

One of the biggest challenges in this remote working scenario is ensuring that all the team members remain connected through the day & are able to seamlessly exchange data, images, files and other critical client information. This pandemic situation has led to a dramatic increase in the call rates, especially for industries like healthcare, telemedicine, B2B SaaS products & insurance. Interactive voice response (IVR) system is the perfect tool to handle incoming calls. IVR is an automated solution that directly routes calls to the available call agents.

Many credible IVR solution providers in the market can provide you with customized IVR solutions. Here are some of the most significant benefits of a cloud IVR system that will help your business to sustain this pandemic:

Empower Call Agents to Perform Effectively

It is important for business organizations to improve their call agents' efficiency while they continue to serve customers during this crisis. One of the major aspects that hamper the lack of productivity at home is the lack of availability of customer data. Most cloud-based IVR solutions store all the vital client data effectively. Having access to information like client's past purchase, previous call details & demographics enables service staff members to provide better assistance to customers and resolve all their issues quickly.

Reduce Contact Center Expenditure

Contact centers are often a massive expenditure for organizations that can lead to a serious dent in the budget. Investing in a cloud IVR system can reduce call expenditure to a large extent as it reduces the dependency on the manual staff members.

An IVR system enables you to handle routine client's queries through internal knowledge databases, and can easily direct calls to the required department or call agent. When queries are handled through an automated solution, customers will have to spend less time waiting on a call for a live agent. Cloud IVR solution also requires lesser staff training as some of the basic issues will be handled without human intervention. Indeed, it's a must-have tool to tide through this COVID-19 situation.

Provide A Richer Customer Experience:

The modern customer is digital-savvy & demands for a richer customer experience. In fact, the majority of buyers are willing to pay extra for better customer experience.

IVR solution will enable your organization to route clients' to available agents. This implies that they don't need to wait in long queues, and can utilize self-service menu options for faster support provision. It supports text-to-speech conversion technology & visual IVR solutions even enable clients to tap their choices in an interactive visual menu. Empower your customer base with IVR platform to ensure that your customers have an engaging & smooth experience without delay, disruption, or hassles.

Key Takeaway

This crisis time requires an aggressive approach by businesses to thrive over the chaos & maximize business revenues. Businesses need to leverage the power of advanced technologies such as touch-tone & speech recognition to provide an engaging experience for their customers. The best part about cloud IVR solutions is that they route client's calls to the right agent – this ensures that the problem is resolved at the earliest & customers to require support from the best possible technician or call agent.

Pooja is a digital marketing professional. Presently, he is an incredibly passionate about software, technology, website design, paid marketing, and content marketing and other technical topics.
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