CMM Machines Save Manufacturers Money in Different Ways


Manufacturers always look for ways to produce that are better, smarter, and more efficient. The product must be improved while costing less to manufacturing — that’s a major win.

Canadian manufacturers need to rely on high-accuracy equipment for quality assurance and efficient production. Nothing ensures that parts are built without defects better than a CMM machine, but there are important things you can do to get them to work effectively for you at a lower cost.

Mitigate or remove unnecessary expenses caused by human error, defective parts, wait times, quality issues and more.

CMM machines are considered the best metrology equipment for measuring parts with high degrees of accuracy. Contact your local metrology expert like CMMXYZ to learn more about these cost-saving machines and about all the related services you can use.

Save More by Buying Used

A used CMM machine lets manufacturers save even more money while getting the same quality results. CMM machines are durable, long-lasting equipment.


If you find a used one from an authorized dealer, they can inspect the machines to ensure they’re in excellent condition, and upgrade them with new software, or do retrofits and repairs to get them working like new.

Use Existing Space in Factories More Efficiently

Alternatives to CMM machines take up more space on the factory floor, which costs manufacturers a pretty penny. Portable arm CMM machines are considerably smaller and take up less room.

To be sure, the type of goods your factory produces partially dictates what type of equipment you need. But things like micrometres, callipers, and height gauges occupy more space on your factory floor and don’t do as effective a job as a CMM machine.

Automation Eliminates Human Errors

It can be difficult to measure how much human error costs a business because these mistakes trickle down in different ways. For example, it costs time that could be spent elsewhere.

If a product reaches the market containing a flaw, it could damage a company’s reputation in a way that’s hard to quantify.  Many reports claim that automation saves manufacturers and other businesses serious money and can improve product results in numerous ways.

Saving on Labor Costs

Right off the bat, automation reduces the amount of money spent on labor because machines don’t require a salary. The upfront costs are worth it compared to hiring large teams to measure parts and pieces manually.

Freeing up money on the assembly line allows companies to better marshal their colleague’s minds in other aspects of the business, such as creative marketing, corporate strategies, or elsewhere.

Rent Equipment or Get On-Site Service

No two companies have the same needs and circumstances. It may not be worth it for one business to purchase a CMM machine outright if they only need it for one specific project or for a short period of time.

If your manufacturing business fits this description, get the tools you need for a reduced cost by renting them for the time they’re needed or opting for on-site services.

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