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Coffee machine for home: make your best choice

You need a coffee maker to drink truly delicious coffee. A coffee maker is a special equipment that helps you quickly and correctly brew this legendary drink. Having a coffee machine at home means saving time, gives you an opportunity to enjoy the amazing aroma and impeccable taste of coffee, and to please yourself and your loved ones with it.

Difficulties in choosing a coffee maker

When choosing a coffee maker for home, it is important to consider different nuances. Not every consultant in a regular store is ready to devote attention to the buyer's needs. Usually sellers try to promote the most expensive products.

Having learned about all types of coffee machines, their features and capabilities, you can independently find a high-quality product that will not necessarily be expensive. It is also important to choose a store with professional equipment for making coffee, so that all manufacturers of coffee makers and coffee machines are well-known and proven by time and experience.

Among the variety of models that differ in the methods of brewing coffee and additional functions, it is difficult to opt for something specific. To avoid difficulties when choosing from a huge assortment, it is worth knowing the main types of coffee makers and coffee machines, their advantages and disadvantages.

Another important thing to consider is the brand of the coffee machine. For example, if you want to make a truly delicious espresso brew, you should consider buying an Italian coffee machine. For other kinds of coffee, there is a wide variety of brands from all over around the world that offer less traditional kinds of coffee. 

General tips when choosing a home coffee maker

When choosing a coffee machine for your home, you should immediately figure out what you expect from it: what kind of coffee the machine will prepare, in what quantity, in what way and how often.

The main characteristic regardless of the type of equipment is power. The power affects the taste of the beverage. In this case, it is worth considering how strong and rich the drink should be:

  • low power (up to about 800 W) produces stronger, richer, slightly bitter, real coffee;
  • high power will prepare the drink faster,but it will be less saturated and weaker in taste.

Also, when choosing, it is worth considering other parameters:

  • Heating or automatic temperature maintenance.
  • "Drop-stop" system, which controls the preparation process, if there is no container, coffee stops preparing.
  • The built-in coffee grinder will help you grind the roasted beans to the desired size in order to prepare the most delicious coffee, however, this option significantly increases the cost of the coffee machine.
  • The timer helps you to prepare the drink on time.
  • Thanks to the level of the water indicator, you can achieve the ideal ratio of grains to water.

These are not all of the options that are important to consider, so when choosing a specific type of coffee maker, you should study its technical parameters to make sure that the coffee machine will be useful at home.

The popularity of different types of coffee makers

If you study customer reviews, then the most popular are carob and automatic coffee makers. The first option is inexpensive and easy to operate, the second is quite expensive, the price depends on the functions and capabilities of the coffee machine, since the equipment is “smart”, you should take time to learn how to use it.

For example, the capsule form has fewer fans. The reason is that the drink is prepared from ready-made capsules that taste like regular instant coffee, which gourmets are unlikely to like. The constant purchase of capsules makes coffee expensive, and you also have to be tied to one type of capsules, because they are made by the manufacturer for their coffee makers.

The drip appearance sometimes disappoints buyers, because it prepares the original Americano, that is, filtered coffee. If you want a stronger drink, this coffee maker won't help. The taste cannot be influenced either, what beans and in what quantity will be placed in the filter.

Thus, among the different types of coffee equipment for preparing an aromatic drink, two stand out, which have many advantages.

Carob type coffee makers - simplicity and affordability of taste

The essence of the preparation of a coffee drink is simple: ground beans are poured into a special horn, the water heats up, the steam passes through the filter of the horn and delicious coffee is obtained. For this type of coffee maker you need to have a separate coffee roaster machine and the grinder or to buy the beans that have been roasted previously. 

Carob coffee maker for home:

  • affordable, additional options may affect the price:
  • cappuccino option;
  • coffee grinder to make the right size of beans (if the coffee maker doesn’t have an in-build grinder);
  • various indicators that are not mandatory, but can extend the life of the equipment, for example, if there is a water level indicator, the machine will not turn on when there is too little or too much liquid; overheating indicator will not allow the equipment to overheat and break;
  • second pump, for making two cups at once, and others.

Carob coffee makers differ primarily in the horn, which is:

  • plastic (the material makes the purchase even cheaper);
  • metallic (metal heats up better, this affects the taste of coffee).

The following parameters affect the taste of the drink and the price of the coffee machine:

  • pressure (the higher the better);
  • power (how long it takes to prepare the drink);
  • the size of the container (how much coffee is prepared depends on the number of people who will drink it
  • the ability to use pods - special disposable packages with pressed grains inside, it simplifies the preparation and maintenance of the coffee maker;
  • bowl height adjustment (for different containers).

Automatic coffee machines - "smart" coffee brewing

Progress does not stand still, even among coffee machines there is a technique that practically does not require human intervention. Automatic coffee makers will be able to brew coffee, performing all the processes of the complete brewing cycle. These models are different, they are perfect for home and for professional use, depending on the characteristics.

Features to consider when choosing an automatic coffee machine:

  • coffee grinder (some equipment allows choosing the size of the grind, and even the type of coffee);
  • coffee consumption (special sensors can be built-in to monitor the amount of product and signal if there are not enough beans);
  • type of loading (how the containers for coffee and water are placed, vertical loading is considered the best);
  • controls (depends on the price that the buyer is ready to spend on an automatic coffee machine, there is equipment with buttons, and there are touch displays; it all depends on price and personal preferences, sometimes buttons are more relevant than a sensor);
  • additional features (the presence of a cappuccino maker, lifts for cups, etc.);
  • maintenance (a “smart” coffee machine helps the owner to monitor it by informing various signals and indicators about the need for a certain type of care).

Which coffee maker to choose depends only on the personal preferences of the buyer. The only thing that remains anyway is that a coffee maker is made for a truly delicious, real, aromatic and invigorating drink prepared at home.

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