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Combine the Best Workout With Best Foods To Eat For Weight Loss

In order to lose weight and obtain a beautiful and lean body, it is a great idea to combine workouts with some of the best foods to eat for weight loss. It is not recommended that one should starve while on the way to lose weight, as this could lead to a lot of harm. However, one must definitely eat smart and exercise smarter in order to achieve the body that we have always wanted. So, given below are eight simple tips to lose weight soon.12728911_558479950994926_8539874498881829913_n

  1. Smell the coffee early morning: If you get up early morning, then your odds of doing exercise is three times more. Researchers conducted a study of 500 subjects at Mollen Clinic, which is a center for wellness and preventive medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona. They discovered that out of those people who exercised regularly, 75 percent did their workouts in the morning. Among those who exercised in the afternoons, only half of them were regular and a measly quarter of the post work figure exercised regularly.
  2. Do a pre-cardio: If you perform a quick pre-sculpting routine, then it helps to lose the fat faster. For instance, you can take a bike ride or go for a work or swim immediately after you spend some time toning yourself with freehand exercises. This would lead to more benefits.
  3. Set yourself challenges: Even if you do a simple exercise like taking a walk, we recommend doing it at a pace and intensity that you deem to be challenging. A study of obese women revealed that those who exercised at levels they deem to be challenging burned more fat from their waists than others.
  4. Perform Squats: It pays to perform squats and trim down your bottomline.
  5. After-work power walk is the best: If you are tired, then there is nothing like a 20-minute walk to boost your energy levels. Instead of getting tired from the exercise, the opposite happens: energy levels rise with the release of serotonin and dopamine in your system
  6. Skip a Step: When you take the stairs, skip a step if you are not wearing heels. This will burn fat muscles in your legs.
  7. Stretch those limbs: Doing stretching exercises for 17-20 minutes a day significantly decreases muscle soreness. Stretching exercises are great for winding down after a workout.
  8. Set out your running shoes: Kickstart your day with your running shoes - simply put them near the door so that they are one of the first things that you see when you wake up. Seeing sports shoes will provide you the inspiration that you need in order to exercise.

No weight loss program is complete without proper supplements. One of the best supplements is Premium Organic Matcha and Superior Organic Matcha. Research has found that drinking a cup of matcha half an hour before working out burns 25% more calories. Matcha tea works wonders because it has a disease fighting polyphenol called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that aids in weight loss.

Another great weight loss food is White Quinoa that you can have instead of rice. You can also have Chia Seeds mixed up in smoothies, shakes and yogurt for breakfast. All these items are best foods to eat for weight loss.
If you work out regularly and take care of your diet by incorporating certain health foods, you are well on your way to a trimmer and lovelier version of yourself!

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