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Commercial Success of Soundbars

A Soundbar is a kind of loudspeaker that produces sound from a large stockade. A soundbar is also known as a media bar. It is designed in a horizontal way for the purpose of keeping it above or below a device. Thus, it has a great width and just a little longer. Basically, a lot of speakers are induced in a single case known as the soundbar. A soundbar is an all-in-one powered speaker system that occupies as little space as possible.

Who Invented Soundbar?

Going back into the recent history of soundbars, you may question yourself - who has invented the soundbar? Unlike many other audio debates, this one is pretty straightforward. The very first soundbar was invented by Altec Lansing. Altec Lansing is an audio electronics company based in the US and was found in 1927. In 1998, Altec Lansing introduced the multichannel soundbar that offered stereo called Sound of the Theatre or ADA106. The sound of the theatre used special Altec and algorithms techniques that helped provide sounds from sides, rear, and front. Even today, it looks like a fully up-to-date design. But Altec didn’t come up with more styles. 

Later on, other audio companies came up with alternative designs based on the same setup. Hannaher’sZvox 315 was a perfect version of this invention. After a lot of hard work, it was introduced in 2003. This invention sounded very beneficial all over the world. Gradually, other audio electronic companies came forward to show their related works.

Another important invention was Pioneer Electronics that launched its PSDP-1. This soundbar was the first digital sound projector that uses a single power source speaker.  

Pros and Cons of Soundbars

A soundbar is a smart choice if you want a speaker without a subwoofer. Soundbars are very useful for your TV’s as they occupy less space around and provide high-quality sound. It is also a modern device that looks different and good to keep. Instead of buying a set of speakers, you have to buy only one smart soundbar. They produce a much richer and more nuanced sound than speakers.

Soundbars do not have many disadvantages. A problem that can be faced using the soundbar is they need a specific space to be mounted. Usually, they are mounted on a wall if you have the required space. Another problem mostly seen with soundbar users is that they prefer sound bass speakers as they provide more high volumes. 

Uses of Soundbars

If you are fond of music or watching TV at high-quality sound, you must know about soundbars. Soundbars were basically designed to produce good quality sounds. Since the world has shifted to flat displays, technology has grown so fast and has introduced many recent devices. Old televisions used to have big speakers, but as the screens flattened, there is less space for speakers. Smart display televisions and computers have a sound system inside them, but they lack in providing good bass. To overcome this disability, soundbars are used. Early soundbars used wires to connect, while recent models are connected with Bluetooth. Even they can be connected with mobile phones via Bluetooth and can be taken anywhere. These soundbars are rechargeable.

Popular brands

The most popular and good quality brands for soundbars are Pioneer, Polk Audio, Bose, Yamaha, Sony, Samsung, Zvox, Philips, Boston acoustics, Insignia, LG, and Onkyo.

Why should you buy Soundbars?

The very most question asked before buying anything is why? Soundbars only need one power cable to be connected and sometimes only Bluetooth. Soundbars were particularly designed for TVs, but now with the advancements in technology, there is much more that they offer. Soundbars occupy less space and can fulfill your need to listen to music with bass. Many other reasons include that they are the cheap and two-in-one products. Instead of buying a whole sound system, you can go for only one device, and that is a soundbar.



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