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Common Gmail Errors with Solutions - 2021

How Can You Reactivate Gmail After It Has Been Deactivated?

Gmail account deactivation could be a nightmare, especially if you have not registered with any other email platform. Issues like Google account disabled due to age or due to prolonged inactivity restricts you from accessing your account. However, you can follow some simple techniques to get rid of the issue and ensure continued access of your Google account. Read on to explore them and start communicating with your loved ones, colleagues, friends, etc. via emails.

Steps to Reactivate Your Gmail Account After Its Deactivation

Whatever is the reason for the deactivation of your Gmail account, you can follow some simple steps to reactivate it and ensure continued access to all your emails. Here’s a look at them:

1.Open a web browser on your computer and visit Gmail sign-in page.

2.Enter your login credentials for the deactivated Gmail account.

3.Click on the “TRY TO RESTORE” option at the bottom-right of the window.

4.You might be prompted to enter your Google account email address and the email address where they can contact you.

5.Follow the instructions shared via email and check if you can reactivate your Gmail account.

Once you reactivate your Gmail account, you can use the correct login credentials to log into your account and start accessing your emails. However, if you need to ever recall Gmail email after 30 seconds, Gmail doesn’t allow you to extend this time. The “Undo Send” setting allows you to set a minimum time limit of five seconds and a maximum of 30. If you don’t click on the “Undo” option within 30 seconds of sending an email, you can’t stop the email from sending to a recipient.

How can I enable virus scan in my Gmail account?

Your Gmail account has a built-in feature by which it runs virus scans automatically whenever an email message arrives on your account. This feature will be automatically accessed on your account when you open an email and when you send an email message. Gmail automatically scans every email and attachment received on your account and ensure that they are free from virus or other malware. You might face some issues while using this feature, such as Gmail virus scanners are temporarily unavailable which needs to be resolved at the earliest.

Quick steps to add virus scan on your Gmail account 

The virus scan feature will prevent your account from any virus or a suspicious attachment that might arrive on your Google Gmail account. You can add this feature by following the below-given steps:

  • First of all, download an antivirus program on your system. There are many online email scanners that you can use for this purpose, such as AVG, Avast, and Avira, etc.
  • Click on the "quick-launch" button located next to the clock on your system’s tray. This option basically checks whether the antivirus program is active while you are browsing the web and when you open emails and attachments on Gmail.
  • Now launch the antivirus program. Navigate to the "Tools" or "Advanced Settings" tab depending on the program you have downloaded. Next, navigate to "Tray Notifications" settings and put a checkmark adjacent to "Display System Tray notifications."

Visit to recover your Gmail account in case if you forget the password.


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