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Common Issues to Avoid When Building a Mobile Application

Several businesses on their first effort at apps wrongly release apps with an ineffectually built backend that cannot endure even the utmost fundamental of functions and applications. One motive is that businesses are in a rush to step their apps out as quickly and either conciliation or do not give wary consideration to the application development method and just present the application.

While the app may be launched in time, it does not leave a good impression and you might even fall a few customers permanently. Whenever introduced with an error such mobile application development shows that all the company has a terrible status in the market world.

Overlooking to make satisfactory platform strategies

iOS, Android, Windows – three governing platforms, so afore developing the application study where you can create your application. While any app engineer will overlook to face this question, often they disregard to further examine every choice accessible to them.


When you work on any kind platform option, ensure you are thinking about individual probability and selection. In the event that you avoid preparing as such, you risk really restricting your users.

Specific developers complete their apps verdict according to the niches. It's usual to notice someone create an application for iOS later they believe monetization will be meeker on the Application Store. While this could be effective in a few instances, it is not comprehensive. Additionally, there are numerous diverse observations that should go into solution determination.

While iOS could be greatly projecting in the United State, Android direct on a global scale, typically in a lot of bigger ends than in the United State, therefore, in the situation, you plan to issue your app in different states, dwell on Android relatively than iOS.

Backend not getting essential infrastructure

Many individuals who use applications have qualified some really terrible applications in their lifecycle. One of the greatest exceedingly awful models is seemingly apps that clang like mechanism, is loaded with problems and don't seem to have the competence to finish anything.

There may be common explanations the backend set-up is slothful; few are below:

The server might back off because of the multi-layered set-up on which the common of apps run these times.

You may have problems running the app coding, receiving to files from the core, or interrelating within a limited second with a customer over the chat option, etc.


To solve the problem, recognize the communications between the dissimilar parts of the application, which is recognized as the ADM.

Try to take some oppress off the platform server by conveying an additional opposite substitution server. It gives many advantages and hastens web requirements by giving SSL expiry, solidity, caching, and dissimilar returns.

Terrible User Interfaces

Believe or not, the occurrence of a mobile app bank on its user interface. Handlers uninstall the huge mainstream of mobile applications from their mobile phones when it does not have a good user interface. As an owner, each searches for a simple to use app that can be used over several mobile solutions. They normally search for apps which are pretty confusing and aren’t at all intricate to function.


You can resolve this problem in five aspects:

  • Make sure that the navigation structure is meek as that is the object which acts a noteworthy
  • Function in an improved UI
  • Operate the split testing for a mobile app
  • Use various sorts of analytics tools like Localytics, Flurry, Kissmetrics, etc
  •  Use Heat data, Appsee, and Heatmap for a well visual checkup
  • Get a professional user interface designer, who can efficiently design your apps

Therefore, considerate into what person’s third-party records are ensuring is rudimentary and to square whether the operation ability is tremendously fundamental. Working with a mobile app development company is a tricky and taxing process, a few errors are undoubtedly ended which consequences in wasted properties and time in addition to makes both company and users frustrated.

This article is written by Ritesh Patil. He is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech, leading healthcare mobile app development company in India, USA. He’s an avid blogger, loves innovation, and writes on diverse healthcare application areas. He works with skilled digital health app developers that have delivered innovative mobile applications.
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