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Common Lenovo Laptop Problems and Solutions

Looking for the laptop that suits all your requirements? We understand how tiring this job can be as in order to find the best fit for all your requirements you need to make numerous comparisons regarding prices and specifications. Another important factor that can be considered as very essential is to buy the product from a manufacturer that has a positive reputation among its previous customers. For example many reports have claimed Lenovo to be the best manufacturer but different customers have different experiences regarding different Lenovo products. In this blog - lenovo singapore service centre we are going to discuss the various issues faced by different consumers and how these problems can be resolved. So let’s explore what is the hidden information in this blog.


Lenovo has a reputation of providing its customers with all sorts of laptop types which can vary from high end two-in-one laptops to very expensive Chromebooks. Keeping that thought in mind let's look for some of the potential troubleshooting solutions which are capable of resolving some of the common issues faced by Lenovo laptops.

  • Poor Performance Problems: Many Lenovo laptop users have claimed that their computers stop performing at a required pace after a while. Situations like freezing up of the screen or the system taking longer than expected to respond to a command arises often. According to Lenovo such problems can be easily resolved with the following solutions. So in order to fix this try restarting the computer. This solution is often helpful in order to close processes to free up resources and it helps in improving the performance of the machine. Diagnose if the system requires an update and in case of Windows operating system the option of Windows Updates can be used. Another thing is that third-party software can also come to the rescue in order to free up storage and resources and improve speed related problems in Lenovo laptops.

  • Blank Screen Issue: Blank screen is one issue that may require involvement of professionals. But as a user you definitely can sit home to diagnose what could be the probable reasons for this problem. In order to fix this issue start with pressing the Windows, CTRL, Shift, and B keys at the same time which will allow the system to reset the connection and might restart the display of the system. Some situations this situation can also arise due to peripherals and can be fixed by disconnecting the devices and seeing if the problem gets resolved or not. Lastly, a hard reset by shutting off the device can also be one of the solutions in order to resolve this issue.

Buy a Lenovo Laptop Extended Warranty

It is recommended to buy a laptop that comes with an extended warranty. Lenovo laptop services manage to earn a positive reputation for themselves due to its features like affordability and durability.  are although there are numerous laptops in the market that possess electronic and machinery parts that are particularly vulnerable to accidental damage. Therefore, in such a situation and extended warranty for the laptop can come to your rescue.


Hard drive error: In some systems it has been seen that the machine enters an endless cycle of resetting without entering the home screen which it would have done in a neutral situation. Sometimes the blue screen with a lot of error codes appear and this may appear due to a faulty hard drive which is in desperate need of a replacement. Appearance of the blue screen is also called the blue screen of death which is a signal that your hard drive could be corrupted and needs to be replaced. But sometimes the reason could also be that the ramp possesses faulty storage as overusing the device's memory can lead to crashing of a certain program and in worst case it could even lead to a complete system crash. A probable solution to this problem is to first check the amount of memory that is being used at the time and you need to make sure that the usage is not exceeding the amount of Ram that it is capable of handling.


Check router connection: Many laptops suffer from router connection issues. In such a case the first thing you must do is to check your router box and verify if the Wi-Fi display light is on or not. If in any case you find the light is not on then you need to reset your router by finding the reset button for your router and press it or in another case you need to unplug the main power cord of the router and plug it in order to reset the connection. If you have already verified all the above conditions and still your system is not able to properly connect to the Wi-Fi then you must go to the Lenovo website and download the required drivers for the correct operating system and retry connecting to the Wi-Fi.


We hope that this blog - lenovo singapore service centre comes in handy for all users.

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