Common Menu Mistakes Restaurants Need to Avoid


The food business is one of the most popular businesses around the world. Majority restaurant focus on the quality of the food they provide to their restaurant. The focus on the kitchen equipment like freezers, pizza prep tables and all the necessary appliances make the food delicious and healthier but still many restaurants can’t get potential customers or big profits.

If your restaurant is clean and hygienic and you are also providing quality food than the only reason for not getting profit is your menu. You may have ignored the menu you or the graphic designer prepared for you. The menu is the virtual connection of your food to your customers. The most powerful communication tool is your menu. Whether you are doing social media marketing or just facilitating a customer, the menu card is the first impression that describes your intent.

There are many mistakes that small restaurants and even big restaurants do that decreases the footfall from their restaurants. Some of the common mistakes that every restaurateur does are as follows.

Poor Categorization of Food Items

The proper categorization of food items is the basic rule but it is ignored or neglected in menu designing. The poor categorization is the most common menu mistake that can decrease your potential sale leads. List the appetizers, pizza, burgers, desserts and all the fast food items in the same category. If you have the subcategories of every item then you can list everything on the one page and give bold headings under the title of fast food.

Too Many Items

It is common that every restaurateur doesn’t want to say no to any customer and that’s the reason the menu card holds too many items. This is the main menu mistake that can be the cause of your down business. There are many cons of listing too many items on your menu. The customer can get confused between what to order as he doesn’t know about the speciality. It’s not about adding speciality corner in your menu but reducing the menu items and focusing on the unique food items that your chiefs can easily prepare.

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No Change in Menu

The menu isn’t your wife or girlfriend that cannot be changed. No change is one of the common menu mistakes that big restaurateurs do. The big restaurants offer their speciality as they are quite successful in getting footfalls but cannot achieve a high target. You need to change your menu from time to time. No one likes one thing and food creativity is getting common. Now pizza bread, chocolate pie and many more items are introduced. You need to introduce or adopt the latest food items in your menu to get the good results. The top tips you need to follow are

  • Observe: As a restaurant owner you need to keep a check on the top items that customer likes and those which no one prefers.
  • Earnings: Check for the specific food item that is giving you profit through social media and the item that is preferred in dine in. This will help you to determine the customer taste and how the earnings get increased by giving a slight change dish.