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Common Misconceptions Such as Privacy Concerns About Installing Fleet Management Software & Cameras

A feet management system has helped many logistics business run smooth operations and save in the thousands. This software and hardware help, not just the company, but also the drivers, the managers, and the necessary workforce that runs the business.

They provide sufficient information and tracking points of the fleet and human resources. Today it had become a prerequisite to own a fleet management software.

One of the significant advantages of such a system is tracking. One can track small elements of the network like the position of the fleet using GPS tracking, keep a check on fuel spent, clock the work time for the drivers, and much more. This software help keep your logistics a well-oiled-machine.

The hardware equipment, like a fleet camera, further enhances the quality of your service. They assist the driver on the long roads and record visuals to ensure safety. These are also beneficial aids when it comes to insurance claims or fleet reselling.

Two Of The Biggest Privacy Concerns While Installing Fleet Management Software

While so much technology is in use, there are often concerns about security and privacy breaches. While the best fleet management system is designed, keeping in mind these worries, let’s address some of them to help you understand it better.

Hacking Of Dash Cam Footage

This is one of the most rising concerns in the world of dashcam users. With the rise of internet technology and the notorious nature of hackers, this is a genuine concern.

If there are not enough levels of safety in place, someone who does not concern your business could obtain the feed of your dashcam. But most fleet camera providers would have covered these safety limbs.

The first thing these apps do is keep all access only via a single point or source. That is, the manager or the person in charge of the fleet will be the only person who has access to this footage.

It cannot be tapped or altered by the driver or any other person. A user-name and password also protect it.

The next concern is the discomfort of the driver. While this is a matter of getting accustomed too, they provide more helpful tools to ease their work than they can distract.

The camera itself is placed in a way not to block the line of sight of the driver and free shine or sounds. They are also not operated by the driver. They are pre-programmed, and data is sent to the management system.

Which brings us to the next concern -- feed hacking. While most fleet cams transmit footage via the cloud, they are protected by many layers.

For example, the management system by Samsara is protected by Hardered Cloud infrastructure. This creates a firewall that only allows the network devices to view the data.

The cloud data is also not all stored at one point. They are based on a multi-tenant cloud architecture.

This system means that the information is scattered across various computer-generated locations in the cloud and only presented to the user after decryption. This makes any malicious hacks or data steals very hard to accomplish.

Leak Of Essential Information

When we are talking about fleet management systems, there is a lot more information than just the footage from the camera. A management system will track all the nodes of the logistics.

Everything from fuel to the shift time of the drivers. All of this dad is access from one single point. So the question is.. is this information safe?

Most of the top service providers ensure that multiple levels of encryption are done on the data collected. This means the data collected from the various steps is not stores as it is.

They are encrypted to un-readable ciphers. Only to the end-user is this information presented in a legible format.

Be it while transmission of data, or during storage in the cloud system, the data is never present as it is. Most of the top systems also take multiple backups and add layers of database filtration stages so that the information is never lost in case the device fails. If the data is every missing from the primary dashboard, the service will help you retrieve it in no time.

The other concern many have is the efficiency of computerized information. Some old-school logistic companies still depend on charts and sheets of paper to calculate data. This creates a problem in two-fold.

One the storage of so much information needs physical space and cannot be shared with anyone without duplication. The second is that all calculations must be done manually, which opens the doors to human-error.

Most modern fleet systems work on machine learning and artificial intelligence. They can give better results in lesser time.

They can also provide much superior analytical data about feel rotation, driver fatigue, or problem-points in the mapping. Since all the information in either computer-generated and processed, there is never a problem of errors.

In Conclusion,

Another great initiative that most companies run is the “bug bounty”. This means if someone is to report a flaw in the system, a bug, or a discrepancy -- the company will reward them for this search.

This shows that software/hardware providers believe in the products enough. It also ensures the constant growth of the product as more developers will always be on the lookout for bugs.

Before any of the best products hit the market, they go through many levels of government and private testing. There are laws in places that halt any software or hardware that could compromise the security of anyone. If the feel management systems you are purchasing have all the approvals, then they will give you no problems of safety.

While the safety concerns could be a thought that crosses many minds, it must not handicap your decision to make positive progress. Most of the top establishments give many levels of protection for your information, and the finer details can be seen on their websites.

Fleet systems help enhance the workforce and provide better profits. So don’t let that opportunity fly away based on an absolute hoax.

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