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Common myths about locksmiths that you ought to know

Common myths about locksmiths that you ought to know

Locksmith can help you when you lose your house keys, car keys, break your keys, unlock the door, and more. During a lock emergency, you can’t rely on anyone else but a locksmith. It is during the emergencies when homeowners end up making a rash decision and pay later for the same. The main reason why people make hasty choices is that you need to get out of the issue as soon as possible. 

You may feel that lock and key are not much of a problem, whereas they are. This article has been prepared to clear some myths about locksmiths, that locksmith in Norcross companies usually encounter. The skill sets along with the services that the locksmith will offer will vastly vary from company to company. And the same can be said about the cost of the services too. 

Here are the top three myths that every house owner must know about. 

  • Picking a lock is effortless for any locksmith.

Indeed, some of the locks available in the market are not as complex as others, and even a novice locksmith will face no problem in opening it for you. However, what you must know is that not every lock is the same, and thus, there are a few locks, which can be extremely beginner locksmith. Different locks work differently, and the mechanisms are different as well. 

Top manufacturers are working hard on developing locks which will be harder to unlock unless you have the keys for the same. Learning to pick a lock will vastly depend on the kind of training a locksmith has received. 

There will be a few rogue locksmiths who will not want to waste any time, and simply tell you that they are damaged even if the locks are not damaged. The locksmith will end up replacing it, which will cost you double the money. Removing an old lock is not always the solution. Why will you waste money on a lock unnecessarily? Since every locksmith is not trained equally, you are taking a risk as well. 

  • All locksmiths ask for the same price for the same job

A local locksmith will never charge you as high as an international locksmith company. This one is a total myth because different companies have different charges. They will charge you differently, but there will always be a different based on the years of experience they have, who they have in the team, what kind of services makes the company offer, and more. Some locksmith may even charge you per hour, while others will charge you as a whole. 

An experienced locksmith will always be able to tell you the estimated cost for the whole task. This way, you will be in a more comfortable condition to decide whether to hire someone or not. They will typically ask you about the issue that you are going through, and accordingly, tell you a quote. 


  • All locksmiths are licensed.

No, not true. Every locksmith company is not licensed, and they can’t guarantee for the work they are offering. Some of the established companies will always do they their job correctly, while others will do poor quality locksmith work. In case, if you end up hiring a someone inferior who does poor quality work, you will not only pay double the fees, but the second locksmith who will come will face immense trouble while fixing the lock. 


A reputed locksmith in Chamblee will never compromise when it comes to quality work.  The company will be properly licensed and will send across locksmiths who are correctly trained to fix all kinds of locksmith issues. These are the three top myths that every locksmith company will tell you about.