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Common Myths Confirmed – PVC-U Vs Timber

Windows are one of the key components of both the interior and exterior of any building. The facade of a house looks more attractive if it has wooden double-glazed windows and doors of the same material. When we talk about new windows and doors for your dwelling, the options are PVCu or timber windows.  With different materials and brands of windows, what is the suitable window material for your property? In this article, we help you by focusing on the most important aspects of plastic or wooden windows. 

First of all, there are a few things to consider when researching what the best material for your new windows and doors is.  If you are replacing your existing windows, you have to decide if you want new windows in the same style and colour.  Alternatively, you may be thinking of changing the entire appearance of the house and choosing a different type of window in a new colour as well.

It may seem that plastic windows look more modern, but they have a lot of disadvantages, because of which sash windows specialists recommend keeping wooden windows.

If you plan to upgrade your insulating glass units, contact the Scott James company for advice. Perhaps it will be enough to carry out minor restoration work for your wooden windows to get their original attractiveness.

  1. Only PVC-U windows can be double glazed

One of the misconceptions is that double glazing can only be installed in plastic windows. The sash window frames are strong enough for additional glass. Many window units are delivered from the factory with several glasses. If your room is too cool, you can install additional glazing. It will:

  • eliminate drafts;

  • improve energy efficiency of your home;

  • improve sound insulation.

In some cases, the window frame requires additional reinforcement, and our specialists can easily handle it.

  1. Timber will rot quickly, but plastic will last the test of time

Yes, plastic double-glazed windows seem to be quite durable, but in fact they have a shorter service life compared to wooden ones. Wooden windows last much longer and don’t lose their functionality because of constant exposure to the sun. Note that PVC window sometimes loses its colour, and the quality of the plastic noticeably suffers from ultraviolet radiation.

Proper care of timber windows will maximize the life span of glass units. If the frames are cleaned and painted on time, you will be able to use windows for over 50 years.

  1. Plastic adds value to your dwelling

You should know that installing a modern PVC glass unit in old buildings significantly reduces their value. Particular attention is paid to the facades of buildings in protected areas. You won’t be able to replace windows without a special permission from the relevant authorities.

The presence of classic wooden windows will keep the value of the house at a decent level. If you ever want to sell it, the potential buyer will not refuse to buy it because of the inappropriate look of the building.


In spite PVC-U  windows are popular, they don’t automatically increase value to a dwelling just by being installed. Unless it’s done professionally it could actually work vice versa. A period property with awful PVC-U window that isn't  in keeping with the character can in fact end up being devalued. There are so many solutions available nowadays so that you can be sure to find a glazing system that replicates those of a heritage property seamlessly, improving the efficiency of  your home, and subsequently increasing your property value. What is the main advice here is research –  check what is available and look at the portfolio of  windows that were installed previously to find the perfect decorators for your dwelling.

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