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Common Reasons Why Your Windshield May Need To Be Replaced

If you've been driving for more than a few years, chances are that you have noticed a crack or chip in your windshield. It's not uncommon and sometimes it can be caused by something as simple as the sun heating up the air inside of your car. But if they don't get fixed quickly, these chips will gradually grow larger until they need to be repaired or replaced entirely. Luckily there are some easy fixes for this problem before things get too out of hand.

The Windshield is Chipped or Cracked

A windshield replacement is needed if it is chipped or cracked. There are different reasons why a windshield might chip and crack, including impact with road debris such as rocks; impacts from accidents occurring while driving the car; extreme temperatures that cause cracks when hot water is poured over an icy surface. Some chips can be repaired while others require replacement of the entire glass layer because they are too deep for repair tools to fix them properly.

The Windshield is Loose or Rattling

If your windshield is loose or rattling, it might not have a strong seal that holds the glass in place. Car accidents are usually what cause this problem. When there's an impact on the car, damage can happen to the seal which means you will need replacement auto glass and new seals for fixing up your vehicle again too! It makes sense to use fresh pieces of auto-glass when doing repairs so if any old pieces were used they may be thin and weak by now due to age issues.

The Windshield is Pitted

Your windshield may need to be replaced because it has become pitted. As you drive down the road, sand and other debris impact your windshield, leaving tiny little indentations that can turn into pitting over time. Pitted windshield distorts vision while driving and causes glare during sunny days on long drives; this is a dangerous combination for drivers! Replacing the glass is the best solution if heavily-pitted.

Incorrect Installation of Windshield

If you hear a strange ‘whooshing sound’ while driving your car, even when the windows are closed, it is because of improper windshield replacement installation. If you can also feel rattling sounds on bumpy roads after this incident happens to someone else in front of us and we see their window falling off during our drive one day - that would indicate poor quality workmanship as well.

Harsh weather conditions

In the summer, windshields can crack due to thermal expansion where glass expands and contracts with temperature. In order for your car's windscreen not to break when driving in cold weather conditions, it is best if you cover up before entering extreme temperatures because as the temperature drops so does your vehicle’s ability to withstand change.


Make sure you schedule windshield replacement or repair if your car is having issues with chips, cracks, loose, and damage. These are the most common causes of problems and can affect visibility while driving.

Rapid Pressure Changes


Even the strongest glass can't always withstand driving conditions, and automotive glass is no exception. Weakened by stress fractures or pressure changes such as when flying at high speeds or an object falling on your windshield, this type of glass might not be able to protect you in adverse weather like a sudden rainstorm.

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