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Common Types of Cancers in Men & Women

common type of cancers in men and women

Cancer is not just a disease rather it is a menace to the patients. Along with the physical transformations,
cancer patients undergo a melange of mental, emotional, and social health changes characterized by
feelings of extreme sadness, helplessness, anger, fear. According to the World Health Organization
reports cancer is the second leading cause of deaths globally. And ​ cancer doctors in Delhi attribute
tobacco and alcohol use, inactive physical lifestyle, and dietary risks as the important risk factors of

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How Cancer Arises?

Cancer is a genetic disease. It arises because of the changes to genes that regulate the functioning of the
cells, especially the way they grow and divide. Genetic changes that lead to the development of cancer
can be inherited. Also, cancer can arise as a result of environmental factors that damages the DNA and
causes the cells to divide.

Types Of Cancer

There are more than 100 types of cancers. Type of cancer is commonly named after the organ or tissue in
which it starts to develop. For instance, lung cancer starts in the cells of the lungs, breast cancer
originates in the cells of the breast. Cancers can also be named by the type of cells that formed them, like
an epithelial cell or squamous cell.

Oncologists in Delhi​ says “The best protection is the early diagnosis.”

1. Ovarian Cancer: ​ In women, it is the 5th most common cancer. It develops in the ovaries of
a woman. Usually, it goes unnoticed until it has spread into the pelvis and abdomen. At the
later stage, ovarian cancer is the most difficult to prevent and treat. Early- stage ovarian
cancer hardly shows any symptoms but advanced stage may cause a few and non-specific
symptoms like:

● Abdominal bloating or swelling
● Unexplained weight loss
● Discomfort in the pelvic area
● Changes in bowel habits
● A frequent urge to urinate

2. Oral Cancer: ​ Oral or mouth cancer develops in the lining of the lips, mouth, or upper throat.
Tobacco and alcohol use, HPV infection, sun exposure are the major risk factors of oralcancer. In the mouth, the symptoms start as painless white patch that transforms into an
ulcer and continues to grow. On the lips, it occurs as persistent crusting ulcer that does not
heal. According to the best cancer doctors in India, following symptoms can be a sign of oral

● Pain in the throat and soreness in the mouth
● Bad breath
● Coughing with blood
● Difficulty in Breathing and Swallowing

3. Prostate Cancer: ​ It is the cancer of the men. It occurs in the prostate gland of males.
Prostate cancer may or may not be metastatic. Prostate cancer when detected earlier and
it’s confined to the prostate gland has a better chance of successful treatment. Prostate
cancer may show no signs in its early stages. Still, look for these symptoms:
● Trouble in urinating
● Blood in semen
● Bone Pain
● Irritation in pelvic area

4. Breast Cancer: ​ Breast cancer affects a majority of women around the globe. The growth of
cancerous cells starts in the tissues of the breasts. Risk factors of breast cancer include
obesity, lack of physical inactiveness, older age, consumption of alcohol, hormone
replacement therapy, family history, genes, etc. If you notice any of these symptoms,
consult the ​ top cancer specialist in Delhi.

● Change in the size or shape of the breasts. Either one or both
● Constant pain in the breasts
● A lump near the armpit
● Yellow skin

5. Lung Cancer: ​ Smokers are more vulnerable to lung cancer, but non-smokers can too suffer
from lung cancer. It is a common type of cancer in both males and females. Smoking is the
principal risk factor along with many. Symptoms to look for:

● Appetite loss
● Shortness of breath
● Weight Loss

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