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Companies That Let You Work From Anywhere

Since everyone has come to know regarding the option of remote work, everyone wants to opt for it. I mean, If one has the chance of working from their bed or couch, then why not? Working from home enables you to move around freely without worrying about making it in time to the office. Moreover, it cysts the travel cost of traveling to and from the office. Additionally, it allows you to spend intimate moments with your family any time of the day and be there for them when you need them, or they need you. 


 Work from home is not only gaining popularity among the ones seeking jobs but also among companies. Many companies were forced to go online because of the pandemic; however, even after that, many willingly want to go completely remote. Remote work does mean working from any location, diminishing geographical constraints. However, every company has a different rete work policy. Some require you to work anywhere from the country; some may require you to come in a few days a month/week, some might hire you as a member of an in-office team, others might be completely distributed, meaning every employee works remotely.


Many companies have opted for work from home. Let's hope the others catch up as well. In the meanwhile, here are the names of a few companies that offer the option of working from home. Hence, if you are looking for a remote job opportunity, you are in the right place. Read through the article and choose the company that tickles your job needs. 




“Make It Happen from home.” is an IT firm that provides other companies with part-time or full-time engineers. They claim to have the best 1% of software engineers. In short, they claim to deliver the best. They are completely remote. Even prior to the pandemic, their mode of work was remote. They are all for the idea of working from home; however, if the employees still feel like going to the office, they can. 


Furthermore, gaper has employees from over 12 countries around the globe. Therefore, if you are looking to hire a software engineer or are looking for a remote software job, gaper is the place for you. 


2. Toptal   


“No offices, no useless meetings, no mandatory hours. You’re recognized for what you do, not your time in a chair.”


Toptal encourages people to work completely remotely. Toptal’s CEO and COO have lived in thirty different countries since starting Toptal. Proving the fact that geographical boundaries should not be a problem for those who possess skills. 

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Toptal, the same as gaper, is a tech company. However, they claim to provide the best 3% of software developers, unlike gaper. Its own internal team of over 110 employees is completely inclined towards spending the life of a digital nomad by taking full advantage of the opportunity and traveling the world, whether alone or with their loved ones.


3.  Upworthy


“Work from home, from a coffee shop, from a coworking space — anywhere with good enough Internet to do a Google Hangout. Go move to Montana for a month and work from there if you want. (And if you already live in Montana, keep on living there!) There are no remote workers here; we're all part of a distributed team.”


Upworthy is the largest social media company. This company supports great causes and takes a stand for them. A few of the many leading causes defended by them are body image, bullying, cancer, domestic abuse, and gay identity.


This amazing company allows its employees to work any time they can. Allowing them to take breaks when they need to get some chores done. Moreover, they give out holiday breaks to their employees and require no contact in the meanwhile. And obviously, they are on the list here because they are a hundred percent remote.


Upworthy is all for positivity and promotes good mental health for employees.


4.  Buffer


“Work in the place that makes you happy, that inspires you daily, and helps you to become the person that you wish to be.”


Buffer all hands in for remote work. They have employees from many different countries. Some of which even have a twelve-hour time-zone difference. Instead of seeing it as a problem, they take full advantage of the different time zones by having employees working at different hours, making the company active 24/7. They have a distributed team which makes it possible to respond to 80% of emails from over a million customers within an hour


Buffer helps other companies and individuals by providing them tools that concern social media. Their tools help grow social media audiences.


Many surveys conducted in the past one year have proved that most employees and even employers prefer to work from home. Employers' advantage is the cut in the cost of office building and bills, which is a huge deal. In conclusion, remote work is a win-win for everyone. These are the times when companies are going remote, it is imperative to build a winning team culture.

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Daniel Zayas
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