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Comparison of Best Crypto Exchanges in USA

This comparison will assist users in identifying the best USA crypto exchanges in USA to buy, trade, and sell Bitcoin and other altcoins. This assessment is based on in-depth research of multiple platforms features, trading pairs, payment options, supported currencies, trading fees, customer support, and security methods.

Because of the immense popularity of crypto trading, the market is also full of various trading platforms that can cause real confusion for traders who are trying to make their first mark in crypto trading. Here is the list of top US based crypto exchanges that are enlisted based on their trading options, currency support, security, and trading volume.

Best Crypto Exchange in USA – Binance US

Binance US has established itself as one of the most popular crypto exchanges in USA. In 2019, Binance US was launched in San Francisco. This platform allows users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies with trading charges lying around 0.1%. This percentage of trading fees is quite lower as compared to other exchanges in the market that is why it is popular among both new and advanced traders. Moreover, users have the option to earn interest on their crypto holdings by staking them. If you stake cryptos on Binance US you can earn interest between 5% to 10% depending upon the time of staking and the amount staked.

Traders are allowed to buy crypto via different mediums such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and wire transfers, meaning users have access to multiple payment gateways. Although, if a user makes a payment via credit/debit card they must pay a heavy 4.5% fee on debit card purchases.

As far as the security measures on this platform are considered, please note that the platform comprises an asset fund as insurance in case user funds are stolen. This crypto exchange also has a 2-Factor Authentication system (2FA).

Binance US is recognized as one of the top US crypto exchanges that provides support to a wide range of coins. This means that you have got a ton of options if you’re looking to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other coins. Check out for more information about Binance review.


Coinbase is one of the earliest and one of the best crypto exchanges in USA. The platform has a high trading volume which also represents its credibility in the crypto market. Another major reason why this platform is often used by traders is that it is secure. Explaining it in simple words, the platforms keep security and control on top priority like any other trustworthy exchange. They have implemented numerous security protocols to keep user funds safe from hackers.

Moreover, the platform comprises a good selection of crypto assets and tokens to invest in. The platform has two applications with interactive UI Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. As the name implies Coinbase is for new traders whereas Coinbase Pro is for advanced traders who are familiar with dense and complex trading options such as futures and leverage trading. Like Binance US, you can also earn rewards and interest on your crypto holdings by staking.


Kraken is a US based crypto exchange that was introduced in the market in 2011. The exchange has high traffic, liquidity, trading volumes of spot markets according to the market. Kraken is a regulated and licensed crypto trading platform in the US with FinCEN. However, traders in Washington state (WA) and New York (NY) cannot access the platform because of some governmental reforms.

The platform is famous for supporting more than 54 crypto assets to buy and sell including Tether USD, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP. Furthermore, users can also buy one of the most popular Defi tokens like Compound (COMP), Kava (KAVA), and Kyber Network (KNC). Users can opt for advanced trading features along with automated portfolio monitoring to monitor the market and manage their portfolios using a single interface.


FTX US is the best crypto exchange in the USA based on a derivatives model of trading. It is suitable for users who want to benefit from leverage-based crypto trading. The exchange distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing support to a wide selection of leveraged and index tokens that users can trade on both options and futures markets. FTX is globally recognized for developing the world’s first crypto index futures that enable users to capitalize on the rise or fall of a particular index in the form of a futures contract.


This list of best crypto exchanges in the USA is developed on the basis of exchange performance, trading volume, fee structure, security, and coin support. All platforms such as Binance US, Coinbase, Kraken, and FTX US are trustworthy. Choosing one platform out of these industry giants depends on your market knowledge, experience, and trading scope. But if you are new to crypto trading gain some more background knowledge before making an informed decision.

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