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Compatibility of Zodiac Signs


This sign shows the most compatibility with Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, and Gemini.

Since Aries is one of the signs which hold a magnetic personality, they are the best with the above four signs. There are chances of their competitive and controlling behavior to clash with that of Leos but otherwise, they go well with these signs. Their personality needs love more than other signs. There are not too many signs an Aries would be compatible with except these few.


They go very well with Virgo and Pisces.

Though Taurus is a bit stubborn so they need a sign which can handle their rigidity in situations like these.   Their determination is their best trait to which Virgo and Pisces can be easily attracted. Taurus is nothing like the ones that they would want to take a backseat in their own lives. They want to succeed in whatever they decide for themselves. They are very strong and hardworking which makes them very desirable to the above signs.


You're most compatible with Aquarius and Libra.

As Geminis are known for their double personality, their personality is a bit daunting too. But their affectionate and sweet nature is what attracts Aquarius and Libra the most. These two signs crave for what exactly Gemini has to offer. Geminis are a great partner to other Geminis as well. There is a great deal of attention that Geminis need which can be easily satisfied by Aquarius and Libra.


These extra sensitive people are most satisfied with the loving Scorpio and Pisces.

They are the most hopeless romantic(est) out of the 12 signs of Zodiac. They need someone who can with attention and care. Here are our Scorpio and Pisces to fit the bill. Scorpio, have great attention detail and with the same, they can make cancer shove off their jealousy. Pisces, are as romantic as cancer and they are very understanding of each other’s emotions. Cancer and Pisces are the best pair one would come across. What makes a Cancer and a Pisces workable is the fact that both of them love their dramas and can handle it at times as well.


These attention lovers are best with Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, and Aries.

The four mentioned fitting the best with Leos as these signs can easily put up with any sort of behavior especially the demanding behavior. Leos are the biggest lovers of attention and compliments. These royalty lovers are in constant need of admiration and adoration. It can be a bit problematic for Aries though to handle their ego at times.


They are most compatible with Taurus and Capricorn.

This Earth sign fits the bill with other earth signs very well just like Taurus and Capricorn. All of these signs have a very practical approach to everything in life. Virgo is known as the perfectionist of the signs and no one loves their perfection more than a Taurus and Capricorn. The practical thinking hits the Virgos and that is how they choose their partner who thinks like them.


This sign is most compatible with Leo and Sagittarius.

Libras are not just blessed by the goddess Venus; they also love balance in almost everything in their lives.  They are always looking for someone who can balance out the balance in their lives. The harmony and lover signs which are Aquarius and Sagittarius especially can easily fall for them. A Libra can also go very well with another libra.


You're most compatible with Scorpio and Pisces.

Out of all the Zodiac signs, the Scorpio makes the relationships last for the longest time (or at least try to). Especially when it comes to a Scorpio-Pisces relationship, it is a very successful one. The caring nature of a Scorpio and love of a Pisces make the relationship full of love and happiness. Though a Pisces and Scorpio are very different they are so good at appreciating each other’s seedy side.


You're most compatible with Leo, Aries, Aquarius, and Libra.

The Qualities that these four signs desire are completely owned by Sagittarius. Sagittarius has this quality of getting bored very easily. Since the above four signs are extremely fun to be around, a Sagittarius can never be bored around them.

What makes a Sagittarius and a Leo best for each other is the fact that both of them have many similar traits. Why Aries and Sagittarius are best for each other because both are so compatible with their adventure-loving souls.


The compatibility of this sign is seen the most with Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus.

All these signs desire people who are practical in their lives. Who can be more practical than a Capricorn?  literally No one. What Capricorn loves about these signs is the fact that how real and straight to the point they can be. All the four signs do not like to waste time which makes them very fit for our Capricorns.

Capricorns are not just okay with short term relationships, just like scorpions they make the relationships last for as long as they can.


This sign is the most compatible with Gemini and Libra.

For these three signs, their freedom is of utmost importance. So, at times Aquarius need their space than other things. No one can understand Aquarius' need for being alone other than Gemini and Libra who also love their freedom. These signs allow each other to explore on an independent level.


This sign is most compatible with Scorpio and Cancer.

Pisces being a water sign needs another water sign. Scorpios and Cancers would make the best pair with Pisces. Pisceans are equally moody to Cancerians.

These water signs share similar qualities which make them so compatible with each other. Pisces and Scorpio are among the best pairing of the zodiacs.

Pisces is not the easiest of signs; they need someone who can understand their emotions to another level.

Hopefully you got the ideaabou compatibility of zodiac sign. You can read more about astrology on artimittal.com.

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