Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Complete Guide For Product Shipping Protection

How Does Shipping Protection Work?

What Are Some Examples Of Services Offering That Ship Goods Safely?

Find out here.

How Can You Find Out About Shipping Insurance Coverage?

Compass Insurance. Check with your shipping service provider to see if they offer shipping insurance. This can save you significant money and hassle if you accidentally break something with your shipment. They could even replace your shipment at no additional cost to you. There’s no charge to you, they are your employer.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulations will require you to provide certain information to us prior to any shipment of a product to any U.S. destination. This information is required to determine if your shipment will be allowed entry into the U.S., and is used to process your shipment if approved. Failure to provide the correct information may cause delay of your order.

If you’re buying an item that’s eligible for warranty and you end up receiving any items that aren’t right, please return them to the retailer for warranty service. If the item still isn’t right, you have two options:

1. Return it to us, in its original condition.

2. Transfer the packaging back to the retailer.

Returned products must be in their original packaging. This includes the box, all instructions, and all packing materials. However, if there is damage, loss or theft, then you should contact us immediately so we can move the package in a safe and secure manner out of your premises to a recognized post office, which provides for safe delivery of mail.

For Items Shipping Inside the U.S. & Buyer Protection & Shipping Calculator

U.S. Postal Service Delivery Standards: The Postal Service guarantees service for all items shipped with the USPS. These rules apply to the entire U.S. and to international and Domestic customers. All items shipped with USPS are inspected at the postal facility, where a postage meter will be used to determine the correct postage amount. Once the USPS has had an opportunity to review the package, it will be shipped to the address we provide on the order.

International International Shipping: FedEx International Mail International* (unless it states “Expedited” on the outside of the package) can only be guaranteed for a minimum of 3-5 days. Please double check your country’s policy.

You get free shipping protection for all orders which are shipped using the certified flat rate envelope.

The shipping protection process ensures that your package gets delivered safely to your destination in one piece.

The full value of all your shipped goods will be credited to your account within 5 working days after your goods have been shipped.

To exercise your shipping protection program, you need to provide:

Your ship address (not the tracking number)

Your registered email address (not the shipping address)

The shipping charges, please record the USPS tracking number

Please make sure you record your shipping charges correctly.

For customers outside of US and Canada, you must provide a registered shipping address.

Do I need to use a tracking number when ordering shipping protection?

There is no need for tracking information when ordering shipping protection. Simply ship your order with a prepaid shipping label and USPS will confirm the shipment details.

USPS makes it easy to package, ship and process packages for the USA. Just make sure you’re the lucky winner of an eBay premium shipping promo code that will get you a free exchange rate, or purchase one of our Corrugated Paper Products Dallas TX products, and start purchasing shipping services. 

Can I Report A Problem?

For questions related to your order, whether it’s the ship date, the contents, or the customer service representative you should contact the manufacturer through the website or telephone support.

What Happens If I Ship Something Back And The Company Takes It?

If you ship something back to the company and they take it you have to report that shipping damage within 24 hours of the date the package was shipped.

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