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Complete guide on the workflow of video production companies in Miami

Complete guide on the workflow of video production companies in Miami cd97888a

Videos are an integral part of any marketing strategy nowadays. Though it is highly stressful to get yourself into the video production, if you want to boost your brand then you need high-quality videos. Usually, it is quite overwhelming but not as much as we imagine. Video production companies are always there to give a hand to the marketers to go through all the stages of video production and at the end of the day manage to get a successful video. 

Bonomotion is one of the top videos production companies in Miami. It offers a wide range of services covering almost all the aspects of a video production starting from corporate video to time-lapse videos, even live streaming, and much more. Most importantly they stand out with high-quality videos, affordable pricing, and flexible staff. The latter is very important during the video production process to understand your goals and meet them. 

Usually, video production goes through 3 main stages that have many other substages, as well. In this article, we will cover all the three stages and their main components to help you kick off your video marketing strategy and drive higher revenues. 


Pre-production stage

  1. Define your goal

First off, you should understand why you need a video. What is the purpose of the video? You want to raise brand awareness, sell your products/services, advertise, or anything else. Let’s assume you want to advertise your product; you should consider promotional videos that are mainly concentrating on answering the question of why us. As soon as you define your goal it will be much easier to go through points, as well. 

  1. Identify your audience

Whenever you define your goals, you will be able to identify your audience based on your research. In our case, discussed above, we chose promotional videos. This will bring a wider audience that will eventually narrow down and convert to customers. 

  1. Outline your content strategy

Consider whether the video will be just a video or series. Based on your audience, you will be able to understand and align it with various cultures, translate the script into multiple languages, or no. You can also understand whether the main channel of the advertisement will be the internet or TV and others, too. 

  1. Create a brief of your project

After going through all the previously mentioned stages, you need to brief your project to provide the briefing to the video production company. The briefing includes sharing your company info, its objectives, target audience, type of video you need, the main video objective, draft of the script, examples if you can find one. Also, include a reasonable deadline.

  1. Research on video production companies 

Many organizations are in a dilemma about whether to do all the stuff by themselves or hire a professional team to handle the most important stages. Our answer is to definitely trust your project to the professionals. There are many reasons for this statement. You can find a detailed article on the main reasons for hiring a video production team.


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  1. Write the video script

As we have already entered the pre-production stage, it is high time for you to finalize the video script. The script should be clear, concise, and does not include long and complex sentences. It should answer your audience’s questions, address them, and be informative. The production company should work with you on the video script, too. 

  1. Build a storyboard

The next thing to do is to visualize your stand which is done through storyboarding. The latter are illustrations describing each scene of the video. Note that for animated videos the visuals should be much more in detail, let alone creating characters animated locations/buildings, etc. In case it is a real video, you should do a casting with the video production company and choose locations for the shooting.




  1. Create your video

This is the stage where you can breathe freely because starting from this stage, the video production company handles the rest. If you want you can be involved in shooting a real video, gearing up the location, etc. But in the case of animated video, everything handles the production company. 

  1. Manage video editing

Whether it is a real video or an animated one, you can manage the editing process which is one of the most important stages of the production. 

  1. Provide video voiceover, background music and add visual effects

You can also pre-discuss with the production company whether you will provide them with voiceover and background music or not. The visual effects such as 3D product images, color grading, 3D motion tracking, and much more are done by the production company, as well. 


Is your video ready? As soon as you get the final version of the video, promote it on appropriate channels. Start making the most of it right away with the right video production company.


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