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Complete Skincare Guide for Your Skin Types From a Cosmetologist

Beauty overwhelms many women with no hope for a reliable and simple solution. They all want flawless and glowing skin, but the limitless skincare products and routines make it challenging.

Ultimately, all they want is to know what, when, and how to use the products. Besides, there’s still more to the usual basics of; drinking water, eating well, and sleeping enough. So, where should you start?

Below is a simple and complete skincare guide for your skin types from a cosmetologist. Read on.

Know Your Skin Type

According to cosmetologists, knowing your skin type is the foremost step in finding suitable skincare products. The market has no bad products, but people use the wrong products on their skin types.  

You will find that some skin types need a lot of caution in finding the right skincare products. Conversely, other skin types are flexible and allow you to use numerous ingredients in your skincare products.

Here are the ingredients that match with the different skin types:

Oily skin: It has extra shine. The T-zone will have visible pores with a light sheen. It doesn’t hold make-up for a whole day. Also, the main concern is the constant breakouts and blackheads. Suitable oily skin products should preferably have hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic acid or salicylic acid), and benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients will control the excess sebum production as the hyaluronic acid hydrates necessary areas.

Dry skin: It appears matte, has no pores, and feels tight, particularly after cleansing. Any face markings below the eyes may appear magnified. It starts cracking, looks, and feels rough in severely dry skin cases. Look for products with Shea butter and lactic acid. Both ingredients will hydrate and exfoliate mildly, making the dryness look radiant.  

Sensitive skin: It itches, burns or stings after applying certain products. Sensitivity can be either intolerant of various products or appear dry or scaly. Get products consisting of Shea butter, oatmeal, and aloe vera. These are ideal moisturizers that won’t cause any breakouts.

See an Expert

When consumers don’t know what to do to help their skin, they turn to professionals for help. Many people are not sure of their skin types. 

It would be best to visit a dermatologist for confirmation and further care. That way, you’ll have more confidence and precision when selecting your products.

However, ensure you see a certified cosmetologist or dermatologist to avoid causing more problems to your skin.

Some may think that cosmetologists are less reliable than dermatologists as they are not physicians. However, one of the qualifications of being a licensed cosmetologist is to take a licensure exam. The concept of cosmetology test taken includes the skin care portion among many others. This means that cosmetologists are qualified enough to give advice relating to skin issues. 

Don’t Forget to Do a Patch Test

While buying your skincare products, always do a patch test. So, don’t ignore the tester products.

With a patch test, you will know which products are not suitable for you hence worthy of elimination. It will be easy to learn those that will clog your pores, cause irritation and allergic reactions.  

Testing all your ingredients before buying may consume time at the store, but it will save you money and skin problems in the end.

Stick to a Routine

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The basic steps for a skincare routine include:

  • Cleansing: washing the face
  • Toning: creating skin balance
  • Moisturizing: hydrating and softening the skin

A skincare routine boosts your complexion for the best functionality and targets problematic areas. Also, a routine will give you the chance to change yourself from within. Remember that your skin changes with age, plus the products you use.

Incorporating the above three steps into your daily grooming ritual will strengthen your skin. What’s more?

When looking for skincare products, beware of instant fixes. The rule is simple, give yourself and your products time to reap the anticipated benefits. Besides, you will only see results with consistency. Preferably, use suitable products twice daily, over six weeks, to start seeing any difference.

Tip: Apply the skincare products from thinnest to thickest. So you should start with a cleanser, serum, and finish with moisturizer.

Furthermore, never forget to use sunscreen. Your moisturizer may contain sunscreen ingredients, but it’s always effective to use a separate one. Wear your sunscreen daily, even if it’s not hot. The sun damages your skin within 15 minutes, so, always use protection. Preferably, a sunscreen with a broad spectrum of at least SPF30 would be best.

Beware of the Hype

Most people fall into the trap of packaging and popularity when buying their skin products. Don’t focus on how good a product looks good on your favorite influencer. Instead, please pay attention to their skin type from the start. This way, you will know better how that product will work on you.

A brand like St.Ives Apricot Scrub has been a lawsuit victim due to consumers who face adverse reactions after use. However, not everyone may experience the harshness of these products, so no need to panic if you have them.

Still, this type of backlash on popular brands is a perfect reminder that the popular vote doesn’t imply the product is right for you. Despite numerous positive reviews on products, always check the ingredient list first.

Natural Is Not Always Better

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Some words in the ingredient list can be comforting. But, that doesn’t imply it’s a safe route to use. Things like natural essential oils are not effective and safe for everyone to use. Because everyone is unique, you need to go for what best suits your uniqueness.

Moreover, seeing terms like ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ is usually a marketing trick. Such terms have no regulations hence likely to give false promises. Additionally, the natural label on a product may only be due to one ingredient.

Parting Shot

You don’t need to be a skincare dictionary to pick suitable products with the right ingredients. However, do thorough research, especially online, to make the challenge of buying much easier.

Above all, patience is important. Be patient in searching for the products, using the products, and expecting results. Your skin will thank you!

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