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Comprehensive Guide to Create Whiteboard Animation Videos

Creating a whiteboard animation video is fun; however, it can be useful for a company in many ways. You can use whiteboard animated videos to promote your brand, products, or services to the people.

According to a report, more than 93 percent of businesses have increased their customer base through animated whiteboard videos. It is very much useful as compared to creating PowerPoint presentations or uploading any other type of video on your website or social media platforms.

Hence animated whiteboard animation videos are an effective way to deliver a message to your target audience.

Why opt for whiteboard animated videos?

Whiteboard animation is an efficient tool that lets the user fulfill their SEO objectives as it’s quite easy to share on the search engines or on social media platforms.

The engagement increases when more and more people watch the videos and perceive the message that the companies are trying to deliver. It's a much more effective way to send a message to the target audience instead of writing content to deliver any such message.

Here are three main reasons why you must opt for whiteboard animated videos for your company:

1.   It becomes efficient when requiring an educational approach to your audience:

If you are dealing with sophisticated services and products, educationally explaining the services and products becomes essential for everyone.

It cannot be done using texts as people might not understand the motive of the product or service.

Therefore, creating an animated video will be helpful for you to explain the pros and cons of the products or services.

2.     Explain more things within a short duration:

When you are trying to write texts to explain the product or services you are dealing with, you cannot write more stuff on it.

However, when you are creating a video of about 90 seconds or more, you can explain more things within a short duration of time. This is the main benefit of using animated videos to promote your brand, products, or services.

3.     Explaining your idea with a human touch:

When you are making a video, you can tell more things; however, it becomes easier for you to add a human touch to it.

You can come up with unique stories to explain complicated things to the audience with some human touch like emotions on it. This makes your video more engaging and informative.

How can you create an animated video?

When you are trying to create an animated video, many things have to be taken into consideration.

Here are some essential points that you have to keep in mind and follow it to create an effective way:

●       Come up with a unique script:

While creating an animated video, most of the people tend to focus on the visuals and not on the text.

If you have a compelling script for whiteboard animation, people will watch your video and promote it across many social media platforms. Therefore, the script plays a crucial role in deciding your fate in the promotions of products or services through an animated video.

When you are coming up with a script, make sure that you keep in mind about the hook, the message that you want to deliver to your target audience, and the CTA (Call-To-Action).

When people watch your video, it hardly takes a few seconds for them to decide if they want to continue further or not. The hook is the main factor that helps people in sticking around the video and get the core message.

If your video doesn’t have a message, then you might end up losing the trust of your audience. Therefore, delivering a core message with a hook becomes critical for you.

Once you have incorporated the message in your video, make sure that you are giving them a call-to-action statement so that they can buy products or opt for your services.

●       Storyboarding the sequence

Once you have come up with a script, the next step for you is to add some comic elements in your explainer video white board to make it entertaining and engaging.


The idea behind story boarding is to help you in understanding the basic technique to organize your script in the correct sequence.

You can use sketches to illustrate graphics and add some texts in the boxes that you are forming to describe the story that you want to convey.

You will have to use voiceover options to ensure that things that you are creating are also spoken in the right way.

You can also use whiteboard animation tools for storyboarding when you are creating a video. You can make the best use of drag and drop options that the application features.

●       Choosing the right whiteboard style

With whiteboard animation videos gaining a lot of attention from the audience, many styles are available in the market that you can opt for. However, it becomes essential for you to select a style that matches your requirements.

You can also opt for the 2D or 3D themes that are available in the drop-down menu. Once you have selected the whiteboard option in the drop-down menu, you will come across several themes from which you can choose the best one that you prefer.

You can use Glassboard, Stitchboard, Notebook, and many more styles that are available in the whiteboard animated making video tools.

●       Choosing the stroking style and color

Stroking Styles

Once you have selected the theme of the video, you can choose the stroke styles and color based on your requirement.

You can use pencil strokes, chalk strokes, stitch strokes, and many more strokes that you think will suit your needs. This will add a unique touch to your video and make it more engaging for your audience.


Stroke Colors

Once you have decided which stroke to use in your video, you can choose the color of the stroke that is available in the tool.

As branding has become more critical, adding unique and attractive colors to your stroke will help you in grabbing the attraction of your audience.

You can access the character settings to change the color of the stroke as per your wish and selection. Once selected, you can click on the fill option to complete the color selection of the strokes.

●       Exploring the coolest library of whiteboard animation

Once you have selected all the essential aspects that will play a key role, you will have to come up with unique characters, properties, and many more things to make your video more attractive. You can choose the best options available in the library.

●       Animating your video

Once everything is in place, you will have to time the characters and properties in a sequence that resembles the story that you have come up with.

You can drag and drop the visuals that you have created, add some effects for the scenes, adjust the timings that are required for the scenes, and add some transition effects to make it professional.

Know more about what can a Whiteboard Explainer Video do for your enterprise?


These are some effective ways that you can use to make a professional whiteboard animated video. You can also try several options like flip, music, voice, etc. before previewing and exporting the video.

Whiteboard Animated videos are the boom to the industry when it comes to marketing their products and services.

Therefore, making the best use of the tools to create a compelling animated video will help you in gaining the faith of your audience quickly.

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