Consolidated Sourcing Solutions in China


Sourcing companies function to identify competent suppliers who rely on the needs of the consumer and technological necessities. Globalization has paved a way and redefined business strategies enabling seamless movement of raw materials and products between countries. 

Sourcing benefits every small and big business serving as a consolidated sourcing solutions as an open market for acquiring considerable raw materials or products at competitive prices. 

It serves as a golden opportunity for companies to trade their finished goods in various countries. Hence, sourcing is very significant for business growth.

China operates as the second economic power globally, and its position in the world trading system has been remarkable.


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A desirable sourcing company will help you deal with the following issues:


  • Locating a desirable supplier

  • Settling the best rates of your products 

  • Specifying products to meet your needs

  • Organizing and mitigating all merchandise and risks.


Presently, various factors influence the cost, such as inflationary burdens on labour, raw materials and capital, which also affect the cost competitiveness of merchandise markets in China.  


Substitutes for Western corporations and market economy in China :


  • Seek for alternate sources of merchandise in anticipation of rising prices in China

  • Relocalising distinct production into high-cost countries.

  • Glance for low-cost suppliers and leveraging higher value-added products. 

  • Enforcing decent manufacturing and procurement methods to improve productivity. 


Product sourcing from China is now much more arduous. Considerable sourcing corporations in China support delivering customized sourcing and supplier assurance services with their credible network and connect with the promising suppliers in China. 

Here are some of the leading China-based sourcing companies that services as a consolidated solution for sourcing :


Imex Service Provider


Imex sourcing company offers a personalized online portal for clients to track their orders and a desirable consolidated sourcing solution from supplier research to logistics from product development to shipping. 

It also provides end-to-end sourcing along with inspection and quality services and minimizing the efforts. 

Imex sourcing is employed by Amazon FBA, eBay sellers who are sourcing products from China.


Jing Sourcing Service 


Jing sourcing is one of China's leading hubs for wholesale products, has a strong digital presence, and offers small buyers a free product sourcing service. It serves best for small businesses and Amazon sellers who look for affordable sourcing and production services. 


Asiaction Sourcing Service


 A French-owned procurement agency based in Guangzhou, China, that focuses on the home and furniture space also develops their products, most of them are picked up by Amazon Select.


80/20 Sourcing


80/20 Sourcing is an online resource for you 

That source for amazon and eBay services has multiple suppliers within its network in every industry to source desired products. 

It's widely known for its courses and high-quality coaching material.


Dragon Sourcing


Dragon Sourcing is one of the largest international sourcing service providers that offer sourcing services for emerging markets from supplier research to product development and shipping and an opportunity to explore low-cost country sourcing through their extensive network of suppliers. 

Its services include supplier qualification, product sourcing, procurement sourcing, sample development, negotiation, order management, quality control, logistics, selection and purchase. 


LINC Sourcing Service 


LINC Sourcing company is an amazing sourcing choice with its active presence in Europe. It assists European businesses that require a sourcing agent in China for their products.


Factors to consider while selecting your sourcing company :


Local presence of the company:

The local presence of the sourcing company with a local office and staff has many advantages while dealing with manufacturing companies, such as on-site visits for factory inspection, communicating product requirements and quality parameters, and speeding up the paperwork to ensure faster clearance for logistics.


Quality Assurance parameters: Quality products are a must for customer retention and business expansion. The sourcing partner must have all the necessary capabilities for conducting quality assurance audits.


Cultural Familiarity and language competency: A good sourcing company should be familiar with the business ecosystem to obtain the best results while dealing with the manufacturer.


Registration and Licenses: The sourcing agent must possess all registrations required for operating a business as China follows a strict law enforcement system. 


Capabilities in Logistics: Ensure that the sourcing company can arrange proper logistics as customs clearance is also a major aspect of logistics.


Feedbacks and online reviews from the clients: They provide a clear picture of the company. 


These sourcing solutions pave the way for business growth in China.