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Container Handling Options You Must Know

Container Handling


Containers come at a high cost. While they are handling, they need the utmost care. Not only employing high-tech instruments will solve this problem but, it needs certain skills and experience to make the job done. So, companies that are tasked to handle the containers, they do use a number of options that perfectly meets their needs. So, it is a great way to explore various options that are available for handling containers.

        Container Lifting Jacks 

If an operator wants to have a portable but flexible container holding option, he should go for container lifting jacks. These are efficient and flexible by which you can easily find a great relaxation on deporting the container from the ship to the dock. There are some models that are available that can easily fit the container weighing up to 32,000 kg. This kind of container lifting system perfectly trades off the speed and automation in return for perfectly better pricing and portability. The automated options have reduced the lifting time to under 5 minutes.

        Bridge Crane 

These are known as big cranes and they are perfect to work in different port sites to move the containers from different types of vessels. And, these are easily able to load or unload any container to or from the ships. Most of the time, they can be seen as fixing in one location. However, the price of the gantry crane will come in a huge amount. So, many people only calculate the amount before going to make all these things in the right way before making any alternatives. At the present time, these cranes are being used widely in various ports.

So, you have different types of gantry cranes to choose from. They are available in different options like small, big, and rail or tire mounted. These are perfect to carry out any kind of job including moving, lifting, and different things.

        Straddle Carriers 

They are mainly available with a number of different types of operational options. They are similar to gantry cranes and they are perfect to hold and lift different types of containers from the ships. Most of the operators find them more suitable while making and shipping containers with ease. As these are available in big sizes, they need a concrete surface to operate. So, there will be no issue to operate. There are also small versions available and they are able to operate in the different working spheres to make the task simpler. Few importers and exporters are using these carriers to make the job done for it.

        Reach Stacker 

Reach stackers are perfect and a good choice to shift and move the shipping containers. They are capable enough to lift the heavy container. Reach stackers are perfect to move one shipping container to or from the ship. Even they are perfect move and operate the huge rail wagons. And, it entirely depends on the container weight to handle. So, it will be a great way forward to come with the right kind of things that are making something more credible with the help of the right kind of reach stackers. They mainly come with automatic options and they can be easily operated along with the operator's seat with any external assistance from any other staff.


Forklifts are popular as the perfect choice for material handling equipment. These are very popular and can be seen in various manufacturing and warehouses. It is true that these are mainly used to move the general materials for a short distance but, when you have high capacity forklifts, they can easily lift and carry heavy containers for long-distance. This is the main reason for which, it would be a great way forward that would make the operation easier without much hassle. There are different versions that are available for lifting up the heavy containers and they are certainly the perfect vehicles to employ this job. Forklifts Sunshine Coast will assist you to properly use the forklift for the heavy job.

        Top Loader  

These are certain kinds of forklifts that are mainly able to unload the appropriate containers that are in the ship and they are perfect to come with the right kind of issues to solve by these loaders. So, there are equal operational things you can get from these containers that are making a great contribution to making the easy and cargo handlers. So, you can term them as they are a bigger version of the regular forklifts. 

        Side Loaders 

Side loaders are a perfect addition to the operation of any kind of thing. They are mainly used in various shipping projects. These are accurate to make all the shipping tasks easy. They will also contribute incredibly on the heavy operation. Using these things that are truly making high risk is full of danger. These amazing machines are a perfect choice for the people who are getting the task to load or unload. These are basic things that truly making a great addition to the people who are operating them rightly. The mechanism of these loaders is mainly able to handle heavy loads and they are truly incredible with the help of all these things.

        Truck Crane 

Truck cranes are perfect to lift the containers. These kinds of cranes are mainly on vehicles or heavy-duty trucks. These are not like other cranes but they place any kind of loads or container. So, it is easy to come with these cranes to use any place that you want. On the truck carrier and it is not like the side loader. It is typically a truck crane that will handle lightweight containers. But, whenever there are any other things that need to be lifted, you can get around with different cranes.


These are some of the efficient and amazing equipment that is popular to handle containers. They are very easy to use and able to deliver the perfect result. If you want to handle the containers, you need to come with thorough research that will meet your requirement.

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