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Content Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses – The Ultimate Guide

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Content marketing is part of the overall internet marketing strategy of any business. You can argue with this statement as much as you like, but the fact remains: the marketer focused on attracting Internet users to use tactics of content marketing. These ideas will be useful

Creative and Impeccable Ways to Boost Your Business

Small companies are as focused on business development as possible, and they have almost no resources left for other areas unless they quickly bring a tangible effect. And the content marketing, demanded by large business, remains beyond the attention of other companies, where they do not understand how articles - if they do not sell and not SEO - can work for the business.

Benefits of using content marketing:

·       highly targeted organic traffic from search engines through the publication of helpful content on visited sites (media, thematic resources);

·       comprehensive coverage of the audience of social networks and increased brand/product recognition through the targeted distribution of exciting content and its further “sharing” by users;

·       the ability to influence the user's decision to purchase at each stage of the sales funnel and the corresponding increase in engagement;

The ability to plan and competently schedule publications is an outstanding skill. If you find it difficult to generate ideas yourself, then use simple rules.

1.      Be inspired by third-party content - at the initial stage. Explore competitors and the interests of your target audience. This does not mean that you should rush the content. Talk about events and the latest news in your field. And get information about them from any reputable sources.

2.     Share advertising content. Remember about your products and services and do not miss the opportunity to talk about them. Write articles, shoot videos or upload photos.

3.     Create unique content. Talk about yourself and generate content that no one has. These materials can be divided into the main ones that will talk about you or your products, cyclical or every day - they will introduce events, corporate events or news from your life or your company, seasonal, guest - the content that your audience creates.

Don’t be Shy – It is Your Content & Business

This is the only chance to win the heart of the reader. The only way to become someone’s favorite blog/podcast/ video blogger. This will happen only if you have a specific point of view. And you will not be afraid to defend it, even if it stands out from other opinions.

A particular point of view on a specific issue. That's what you need! Because material about everything – is content about nothing.

Your Stats Is Not The Primary Object to Focus

Indicators of material consumption - the number of views, downloads, sharing - success indicators. But not the only measure. After all, the point is not to make useful materials. The point is to build business success by publishing good content. Feel the difference.

Feel the Audience

A person is more likely to trust another person than companies. Find motivators for your audience. Encourage her to create content herself. Often this is a better option than when the content creates a representative office.

Be mobile & focused

And this means not only responding to informational issues promptly. This means focusing primarily on mobile platforms. But, for sure, even if you say that you focus on mobile platforms, and in general, this is your priority, but you are editing materials sitting behind a 34-inch monitor with 4K resolution?

Communicate with your audience

It flows from the previous paragraphs. Can't create content? Start a conversation with the audience. Introduce special Talk-triggers that themselves will provoke readers to start conversations. Yes, now you need to focus on the platform. And if your audience is students who read your portal/public during couples from the phone, then make sure that the content is in the proper form. One that will adequately and nicely exist on mobile devices.

Now there are many opportunities to contact the audience directly. At least polls in public are cheating, but a convenient way to understand what interests your subscribers. What do you need - subscribers or customers? And what is a platform for you where you publish content - is it just a source for attracting thematic traffic? And from here already define the goals of the content strategy, the form of presentation, and interaction.

Create valuable pieces of content

Think about how you can divide your extensive, beautiful material into several smaller parts. We use the 8 to 1 principle. This means that each large part of the article must be divided into eight small parts. This approach will increase the effectiveness of your content significantly. For example, experts from Close.io recommended it.  

Beat your main competitors by creating better content

Besides the fact that content marketing boosts sales, its very name makes an impressive impression. However, the good news ends here. Not very good news: there are a massive number of players on the market, so if you want your content to work productively, it should be better than that of competitors.

Before you start creating printed material, check out publications by Google, Facebook, Twitter (or another social network that is more suitable for your audience) and find out what type of content is in the first place there. Pay attention to such things as volume, quality, and format, and try to create content that will surpass the others in all respects.

Content that is in no way superior to competitors' materials will not be able to cause the hype you need in search engines or social networks. Therefore it is preferable to sit longer and improve the content than to quickly click the “Publish” button and waste time.

Make Your Posts Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Do not think that your potential customers will search for your site, visit it and buy your products just because you made the publication. After creating the content, you must promote your material. Otherwise, the chances of being noticed are almost equal to zero.

The best way in promotion is a social network, because the results of any action appear exceptionally quickly, although you should not underestimate the power of email and RSS feeds.

Create Quality Content – Get Positive Conversions

Remember that the primary goal of creating content is to increase conversions. Depending on your goals, you can consider a conversion anything you want: from increasing the number of subscribers by e-mail and clicks on banner advertising to growing sales of goods.

If your content does not give good results, then it's time to change the content strategy and think about other ways to create and promote it.

Usually, one of the most suitable options is to hire a professional company. By doing so, you will not only get high results, but you will also be able to take extra time to concentrate on what you do best.


Now, it is the best time to test these ideas and update your business strategy. Follow these simple steps and enjoy outcomes in a few days.

Marie Marie Barnes is a Marketing Communication Manager at Adsy and an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs. She shares her insights through blogging.
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