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CONTOURITT – Fashion and Styling Tips all in one App

Make-up is a fashion statement that could be easily perceived as an understatement or overstatement. Exploring your unique style can be a trip through puberty you don’t want to remember but it’s the 21st century and we have figured a way out of it as well. 

Women understand women affairs better that is why this super-woman Mindy Hussein has coded application “contourItt” which started out just as an inspiration and pop up idea from modeling but later took turn of understanding and merging fitness, mindfulness, beauty, and fashion all in one place, with the help of a team of skin, health, and fashion professionals. The application is compatible with iOS 10.3 or later, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Why is ContourItt App is Unique? 

Youtube is fun but can be highly addictive and distracting. We all have visited youtube for a quick tutorial to change your look for an event and ended up listening to criminals by Britney Spears. Not that its a bad thing but it equally does not fulfill the purpose either. ContourItt is unique because it saves time and diversion of finding the perfect youtube tutorial among a million and more videos of rapidly growing newbies and bloggers.

 The specifically built mobile-friendly and easy to use ContourItt application brings all the important tips and exclusive videos in one place. In an interview with Blogprocess Mindy Hussien also shared that her app is unique and stands out among competitors because it gained fair recognition Worldwide with 5 different feminine looks and one that of a man.

Mainly focused on beauty tips for facial features ContourItt app more features include: 

  • You can learn to highlight and contour with new techniques according to your skin tone and enhance, define and sculpt the right areas of any face shape including Oval face which is a longer version of the round face, Square face, Rectangle or Oblong face, Diamond or Heart Shaped Face.
  • Quick makeup tips including facial mapping and color guides.
  • You don’t need several apps to keep track of and up to date to new trendy makeup and clothing techniques taught live by different influencers. Through conterItt you can tab into live makeup techniques session anytime you want.
  • The application also offers a 20-minute full-body workout for different body shapes such a rectangle, triangle or “pear”, inverted triangle or “apple”, hourglass (top and bottom both are different shapes but similar, diamond, Athletic, and round or oval to strengthen and tone. 
  • Along with makeup fashion, the app also focuses on skin routine tips and guidance. 
  • The application also has a series of techniques for mindfulness/ yoga for different fitness levels which helps feel more calm and energetic. 

Here’s the Link to Download the App:

So far Mindy Hussein has received excellent feedback through model research and response of several region consumers. Mindy Hussein who is a former fashion & beauty model and a philanthropist for vagrant and world poverty cause to hope that ContourItt continues to grow the in-app market and aims to be recognized in business and charity causes. 

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