Cool Armbands for Sportsmen and Women



If you are a sportsman or woman, this collection of cool armbands are just what you need. Keeping your phone safe while working out in the morning can be tasking. Running with your phone in your pocket is the easiest way to lose your phone. Holding your phone in your hand is also not comfortable.

Different armband designs are both stylish and secure. Armbands can come in various designs and colors, and some have adjustable straps for easy fit.

Cool Armbands You Should Consider Investing In For Your Phone

Below is our selection of some of the coolest armbands. Select from the list to spice up your morning activity.

·Tune Belt Armband

Who says armbands are for only iPhone users? Luckily, the Tune Belt Armband says otherwise. The tune belt armband is great because it supports a variety of devices. It is also large enough to contain more items. It is also sweat-proof, which means that your device stays dry and clean all the way. The tune belt armband also ensures that you have access to your touchscreen on the go.


·Quick Mount Armband from Life proof

The quick mount armband is very fashionable. It comes with a phone adaptor which makes it easy to mount your phone to the band while you do your workout. It is also easy to get access to your phone while you work out. Quick mount armband from LifeProof uses a magnetic attachment system that makes it easy to mount and remove your phone at any point in time. To check your mileage, all you need to do is twist your phone, and it comes free. The quick-mount armband is compatible with different kinds of phones, which makes it handy. If you like to keep your style while working out, this armband is your best choice.

·Water Resistant Armband From Tribe

Water-resistant armband from the tribe is a very simple armband that ensures your phone stays safe and free from sweat. It fits all kinds of phones nicely, and you still get the opportunity to punch your screen when necessary. The water-resistant armband from the tribe comes in a variety of colors to match your style.

·Armpocket Armband

If you are looking for an armband with a lot of space to accommodate both your phone and your cards, the Armpocket is your best option. The arm pocket armband is alittle bulky for a reason. It provides you with a lot of space to keep all your belongings in one place while you work out. You don’t need an extra pocket to hold your precious items with this sizeable armband.

·Sprigs Armband

For those who wish to keep things easy on the maintenance side, the sprigs armband is your best option. The sprigs armband is a simple sleeve design with a pocket and a Velcro strap to keep your phone intact. Sprigs armband comes in different sizes and supports machine wash.


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