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Corbett National Park, an ideal getaway in the wilderness with family

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If you are longing for a rejuvenating break in the wilderness with your family then Corbett National Park is an ideal weekend getaway to unwind in the lap of nature and explore the diverse flora and fauna of the park.  An ecotourism destination, Corbett is one of the most scenic national parks with the magnificent landscape consisting of hills, Sal forest, riverine belts, marshlands, grasslands, and a large lake. The park was set up in 1936 to secure the Royal Bengal Tiger and has earned the distinction of one of the finest wilderness areas of the world with 50 species of mammals, 580 bird species and 25 reptile species.


If you are looking for Jim Corbet Packages then there are several resorts at the periphery of the wildlife reserve which offer all modern comforts and amenities for a pleasant stay. Being close to Delhi, Corbett is a preferred holiday destination where you can have a slice of adventure and enjoy the natural surroundings with your family and friends. Jim Corbett park booking should be made well in advance as the hotels and resorts experience heavy rush on weekends especially in winters. Kids have a great time enjoying the adventure trip to Jim Corbett Park as it takes them away from the noisy and crowded cities to the tranquil surroundings where they can connect with nature by taking a break from the virtual world. While staying at Corbett you can go for nature walks to get a breath of fresh air and enjoy the serenity and spectacular views of the vivid landscape. Most of the resorts in Corbett are located on the banks of Kosi River with foothills in the backdrop.   


The early morning jungle safari of Corbett is a must to experience the park’s flora and fauna. The jeep safari takes you across the rich landscape of the park and if you are lucky you might be able to spot the Royal Bengal Tiger relaxing in wilderness. It is indeed a delight to watch the exotic bird species of Corbett and spotting wild animals like elephants and wild boars during the tour of the park. Most of the core areas of Corbett National Park are out of bound for visitors and only forest department staff has access to them. Although Corbett National Park is a huge wildlife reserve, only 15% of the total area is open to visitors to protect and preserve the ecosystem of the park. Another big attraction of Jim Corbett Park is several adventure activities like camping, rock climbing, rappelling, angling and river crossing which are regularly organized by adventure specialists. is closed. Three out of five zones (Dhikala, Bijrani, Durgadevi zones) of Jim Corbett Park remain closed from July to September during the monsoon season, while two zones (Jhirna and Dhela) remain open throughout the year.

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