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Coronavirus: Protect Your Employees with These Essential Corporate Gifts

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There was a time when you never used to walk out of the house without your wallet and cellphone as there were the two crucial things you couldn’t live without a single day. However, in the pandemic priorities have been changed from wallet and smartphone to masks and sanitizer. Although your employees are working from the protection of their homes, they have to step out to get the groceries, attend meetings that cannot be virtualized and travel to visit their families.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure your employees are doing good not only in terms of productivity but health-wise as well. Here are some of the essentials you can send your employees as corporate gifts to protect them from coronavirus.

Essentials to gift in the corona year

Gone are the days when you could walk out in the sun with a pair of sunglasses only. Now, as the time has changed, it becomes crucial to carry the following while stepping out of the house:

3 ply reusable mask in Singapore

Giving  3 ply reusable masks in Singapore with Adjustable Strap as a part of the corporate gift basket will ensure they will stay protected while shopping for groceries, taking a walk in the park, or even sitting on a plane. The 3-ply reusable mask with Adjustable Strap from Young Generation Shops properly covers the nose and mouth leaving no space for germs to enter into the body. On the top, an adjustable strap will ensure your employees are comfortable wearing it.

Sanitizer and Paper Soap

When people go out, they come in direct contact with several surfaces and things including shopping carts, doorknobs, grocery bags, and more. One cannot be sure what germs and viruses are already breathing on these surfaces. Hence, they need to clean their hands after coming in contact with these surfaces. They can either do it with alcohol-based sanitizers or paper soap that allows them to make their hands germ-free whenever they want.

500ml Collapsible Silicone Bottle

Staying hydrated whether you are working from home or traveling outside in summer is crucial for your overall health. Gifting 500ml Collapsible Silicone Bottle as part of a corona protection kit to help your employees stay hydrated without taking much space in the bag pack. You can even collapse the bottle and store it and reuse it whenever you walk out.

Zero Contact Antibacterial Keychain Contactless

Whether it is selecting the floor number on the elevator or opening a door of your house, one has to come in contact with surfaces with germs whether they like it or not. However, with Zero Contact Antibacterial Keychain Contactless, people can open doors, and touch floor buttons without coming in contact with the surfaces.


Delivering corporate gifts to protect your employees will not only help you to manage the productivity of the organization but also keep the morale of employees high as they will realize their company is looking after them. Moreover, if you are looking for bulk baby gifts, paper soaps, face shields, or 3-ply reusable masks in Singapore, then look no further than Young Generation Shops. Visit the website to learn more!

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