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Corporate Videos for Company Promotion

Will you buy a car spending thousands of dollars without ever knowing the name of the manufacturer? You wouldn’t unless you are some kind of a mystical guru who has X-ray vision. Since you are not that person and no one you know is also not that guy either; the car, manufactured by some terra incognita company, probably will sink into oblivion.

So, if you and persons you are familiar with can do that to a (probably well-manufactured) car, why should you expect someone completely oblivious to your product, won’t do the same to your company? You shouldn’t.

What you should expect though, is that applying established marketing strategies may sail your business-ship through the competitor-infested sea to your desired destination.

And promotion is one of those established marketing strategies - that modern business world uses for promoting their product or service.

But What Is ‘Promotion’ Though?

Using the definition stated in the Wikipedia, it can be said that promotion usually refers to a type of marketing communication which is used to pass along the quality and specific attributes of a product or service to the targeted audiences, who are most likely to use or purchase that product or service.

Usually, promotional activity is drafted keeping three things in mind – presenting new information to existing and potential consumers, increasing demand and separating a product from its class by mentioning its unique features.

Let’s take a look at the promotional activities normally a company undertakes:

  •  Contests as a Promotional Strategy
  •  Social Media Promotion
  •   Mail Order Marketing
  •   Product Giveaways and Samples
  •   Point-of-Sale Promotion and End-Cap Marketing
  •   Customer Referral Incentive Program
  •   Causes and Charity
  •   Branded Promotional Gifts
  •   Customer Appreciation Events
  •    After-Sale Customer Surveys

These are all well-established promotional activities of a company and are well-known to yield results.

Now, where does corporate video stand with all these promotional kinds of stuff?

Let’s find out.

What Is Corporate Video Exactly?  

When a business, company, corporation or organization creates or commissions a video content, to be shared in the public domain to demonstrate its culture, finesse, environment or employees rather than concentrating on a particular product or service, it is called corporate video.

Unlike the other marketing tools, corporate video goes about doing its job with subtle elegance. Rather than screaming only about how well the product or service is, it illustrates the goodness of the company itself.

Corporate videos are primarily created to be published in the Company Website but customers, investors, other up or backward linkages and stakeholders receive them through email marketing. Some big companies have in-house production team for video marketing since they release videos regularly. While others just outsource their whole video making function when they feel it necessary.  Or if you believe you can make videos like your company profile or an explainer one by yourselves, you can always get the service of the professionals for editing video .

There are a number of ways corporate videos can be used, a few of them are as follows:-

·      Staff Training/Instruction

·      Investor Relations

·   Financial Results/Reports/Audits Releasing

·      Safety in the Workplace

·      Promotional

·     Brand Awareness

·      New Product/Service Launch

·      Explainer Video

·      Product Features

·      Client and Customer Testimonial

·      Trade Show Coverage

·      Corporate Event Filming

·      New Technology Demonstration

·      Internal Communications and Boosting Employee Morale

·      Corporate Documentary

·      Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR )

·      Company Profile

Now we know which is what.

Let’s see if the tool is of any use, let’s see if corporate videos can be used for company promotion:

Corporate Videos for Company Promotion:

A modern human being spends the majority of his time staring at a screen – either for work or for fun. We wake up by the alarm of our smartphone, then work in the office sitting in front of a computer, spend coffee break checking in social media, come back home and refresh ourselves by watching TV. Business people know this and they flood us with videos – all sorts and all types.

So, in this era of video marketing, it’s paramount that we use corporate videos for promoting the business. Let’s see how –

A Great Way of Introduction: Corporate video is a great way for new businesses to address the potential customers about the launching of the company and also how they will fill up the needs of the customers.

Showcasing A New Product:  It is very easy to use a corporate video for the existing customers. It will tell them to know about the upgrade of the current version, also about some exciting new features of the old but trusted model.

Creating Brand Awareness:  It has been found in numerous studies that people love to share a video they like. So, a well-crafted video telling about the strengths of the company is a surefire way to create brand awareness.

Get the Message to Those Who Matters Most: Corporate videos can be targeted to only those who are the most important stakeholders of the company. This way, a waste of valuable money and time can be prevented. An example would be like this – a corporate video describing the right motorcycle lift will help the bikers and its marketing will also be limited to the sites, blog posts, YouTube channels, etc. which are frequented only by the bikers and relevant people.

Motivation: A corporate video containing the CEO of the company telling about future plans, about how they are going to shape up for the future challenges, what is the learning from the past mistakes is an immensely powerful tool for the employee motivation.

Hiring Talents: In university websites, a smartly choreographed video will surely attract future top executives. So the problem of your hiring great talents is taken care of.

An Explainer which Not Only Explains:  An explainer video is a great medium not only for the existing customers – by letting them understand the complex features of the product they are using – but also it can attract new customers by telling them what they are missing in the product they are using.

Testimonial:  A testimonial video of satisfied customers can easily attract new customers.

Sharing Corporate Events: Documenting your very own corporate event and sharing it through proper channels can shed light about your efficiency in managing events.

CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility: A corporate video showing your CSR activities can be the best marketing tools you can ever use. It will not only create favorable public opinions about your company but also pave the way for new ventures in unchartered territories.  

I hope, the above discussion can point out the usefulness of using corporate videos for company promotion.

So, make a great corporate video and amaze the world.


Paul B. Wright is a well-rounded blogger who has a wide variety of interests and specializes in doing in-depth research for every project. He is an expert in doing in-depth market research and also a notorious blogger/writer. He provides an absolute commitment to excellence to provide the best quality work possible by all means. He currently is a blogger for in a genuine effort to provide the best quality content to his readers.
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