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Cosmetic Procedures that Do Not Require Downtime

Gone are the days when going under the knife or getting ‘good work’ was visible. 2021 is all about confidentiality, when everything is transparent, why should your procedures be recognizable? Be it skin tightening, facial tweak or laser hair removal Dubai, everything nowadays is unnoticeable. Well, we are talking about the procedures only, not the results, because they speak for themselves.  

On this note, today, we are going to talk about some aesthetic procedures that will perk up your physique in an unnoticeable way. But this isn’t all, the best part is that these procedures require minimum to no downtime. And they are:


This is the treatment that gives you a fresher looking face in no time. So, the next time your colleagues see you, they’ll be wondering where you get that incredible spa treatment that has made your skin so fresh, but they’ll never know.

Profhilo is a technique that uses hyaluronic acid injections to replenish the skin’s moisture. The end results of this treatment are amazing. It produces even skin tone and texture. Thus, the skin looks well hydrated, radiant and firmer. But all this isn’t dramatically visible. In fact,  it looks as if you had a well-rested weekend.    

Triple Boost HydraBright

The perfect treatment to get rid of those eyebags, the Triple Boost HydraBright is a relatively newer procedure. It is basically an aesthetic cocktail giving you a taste of hyaluronic acid, PRP and mesotherapy in one shot.

During this treatment, your aesthetician will give you injections of Triple Boost HydraBright in your eye area. It is a three step treatment just like the name suggests. Firstly, hyaluronic acid is injected into your skin then PRP prepared from your extracted blood is injected back into your skin. Lastly, the skin is restored with mesotherapy.


Another amazing procedure that you can effortlessly get is CoolSculpting. Despite the common perception of coolsculpting to be a body contouring procedure, it is also used to reshape and sculpt the face. CoolMini is the new combination of fat freezing and RF for sculpting the jaw-line.

By freezing excess fat in your jaw area, a soft jaw-line is created. The freezing procedure is then followed by a firming radiofrequency session that encourages collagen production. As a result, you can enjoy a soft jaw-line without putting in a lot of effort.

AquaGold Facial

Next in the list is AquaGold Facial. After getting this facial, your face will look less lined, fresh and bright.

During this treatment, your dermatologist will use 24-carat gold plated needles to work on your face. The main purpose of using gold needles is that they don’t freeze your facial muscles. So, when the mixture of Botox, hyaluronic acid and vitamins are inserted in your skin, your facial muscles won’t freeze.

Morpheus 8

For all those who want tautier, firmer and younger looking skin without inserting any needles, we have got the perfect treatment – Morpheus 8.

It is a combination of microneedling and radio frequency that creates smooth and firm skin. The main aim of this treatment is to kickstart collagen production. The jowl and neck region are mainly targeted through this procedure to turnover skin cells. The treatment targets the underlying deep layers of the skin for triggering collagen production.

It naturally makes zebra stripes on your neck disappear over time. Even it can do wonders on your knees too. One pro tip that we want to share is that never say no to numbing cream as it will save you from the slightest of pain.

NYDG Oxygenesis

The ultimate treatment to get perkier, glowy and red-carpet ready skin is here. NYDG Oxygenesis is a treatment highly recommended by beauty experts. It is a combination of an oxygen jet and light base laser procedure.

It’s suitable for all skin types and is particularly ideal for super sensitive skin that gets facial redness and dryness.  

Laser Hair Removal

No one wants unwanted hair and if they are present on your face then the problem is doubled. But fret not, using laser hair removal technique, these unwanted hairs will be long gone in no time at all.

Using lasers, aesthetic experts will remove extra hair from your face by burning the hair follicles. This treatment is quite common and you can easily get it from a well-known clinic for Laser hair removal in Dubai.

A Final Word

Opting for aesthetics to revamp yourself is also a way of showing self-love. The procedures mentioned earlier produce natural looking results without any incision. So, if you’re looking for a subtle look, consider going for one of them.

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