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Cosy, Not Cramped: Construction Pointers for A Small Café

One of the advantages of starting a café is that you can make do even with a humble space. There’s a unique charm to tiny, homely cafés that attracts a certain clientele. However, there are key construction and interior decorating tips you need to keep in mind to keep your café from looking too cramped. Read on to know how you can establish a small yet cosy café.

1.       Use larger windows

Larger windows let in more light and make the room seem bigger. Large windows are also great if you’re planning to have outdoor dining areas. The large windows ease the flow between the outside and inside, making your whole café more cohesive. If you want cheap and easy window installation, Crittall Windows UK offers great services even for those on a budget.

2.       Adopt a cohesive colour scheme

Having matching furniture helps unify the space and make it more pleasant to the eye. While adding contrasting colours and pieces makes the room look more interesting, it can also be jarring and contribute to making the interior look more crowded. If your business already has a predetermined aesthetic or colour scheme, you can adopt that so your physical store aligns with your branding.

3.       Focus on a more spacious layout

Don’t cram too much furniture into your café in the hope of accommodating more customers. On top of being a safety concern and an unnecessary hurdle for your waiters, overcrowding your establishment will also cause your customers discomfort, which may discourage them from returning. Go for chic and sleek furniture to expose more floor space and give the illusion of space. Clear furniture like glass tables and counters also contribute to making the space seem bigger than it is.

4.       Decorate the walls and ceiling instead of the floor

You may be tempted to add a few plants here and there, but if you’re already limited in terms of floor space, it may be wiser to decorate the walls and ceiling. Use hanging plants and artistic ceiling lights to breathe life into your café’s interior. Hang up product photos or chalk drawings on the walls to entice customers into ordering.

5.       Paint the walls a soft, lighter hue

Dark colours are a sure way to make a room look smaller, so to avoid that, choose plain beige, whites, or creams to open up the space. It may look plain, but an interesting and unique selection of decorations and furniture will be enough to keep the space interesting.

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A small space doesn’t have to be a hindrance to a successful business. As long as you use your creativity and make good interior design choices, you can still develop a comfortable and pleasant space for your customers even if it’s not as large as other cafés. Invest in professional interior design services or research the best interior design tips for small spaces. You’re bound to get a lot of inspiration from the free resources available online.

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