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Count your finances with ALPHA to calculator

The DeFi ecosystem is one of the platforms you can invest in and accrue profits with cryptocurrencies. Owning Yearn finance (YFI) has proven to be a lucrative venture. So, how do you profit from this DeFi token? Read on for details.

Understanding Yearn.Finance

Yearn finance is a strategy that plays a vital role in maintaining liquidity in the DeFi ecosystem. Investors in the Ethereum blockchain can earn up to 300% of crypto assets for staking in this ecosystem. 

You can get YFI tokens by trading in a stable coin that earns an annual interest for a given deposit. The other option involves buying Yearn finance tokens on a decentralized exchange like Balancer or Uniswap. 

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What makes Yearn finance unique is the opportunity for cryptocurrency holders to use DeFi protocols and earn from its yields. It means that you must own cryptocurrency, trade, and invest to earn rewards from distribution. 

How to Count your finances with Alpha to calculator

Yearn finance has a leverage protocol, Alpha which enhances liquidity, hence yield farming. Investors can now earn from this DeFi project by partnering with the Alpha protocol. So, how do you go about it? 

The first step involves owning cryptocurrency. In this case, it will be best to buy ERC tokens, and specifically Ethereum. You can get Ethereum tokens on a staking or exchange site like Alligator. Check your wallet and decide the number of cryptos you want. 

Next, check the yearn finance platform’s panel. The website’s dashboard comprises of the following:

  • A dashboard that captures your portfolio details
  • Vaults –a section that has tips and strategies to help you trade and earn profit
  • Earn –the funds you get from staking yearn finance
  • Zap –reflects the assets fees
  • Cover –consists of possible risks and how you are covered when using yearn finance
  • Stats –a section with an overview of how YFI is performing.

After purchasing ERC-20 cryptos, you should choose a yearn-finance-compatible wallet to deposit your preferred stablecoins. Doing so helps you earn maximum yields on your assets by swapping them on reputable pools. 

Yearn has an algorithm that detects any deposits and selects a pool for you to invest your cryptos and earn from the protocol. The steps will be as easy as follows:

  • Choose an exchange medium like Alligator
  • Indicate the coins (yearn finance) you want to purchase
  • Input the wallet address where you want to swap the cryptos
  • Deposit the funds you want to trade
  • The Alpha to yearn exchange procedure will be completed if everything is okay.

Note that you will incur a small transaction fee. You should also check the Alpha to YFI trading chart before swapping your cryptos. This investment can be rewarding if you correctly swap your assets via a transparent exchange site. 

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