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Courier Services: Reason behind the success of the e-commerce industry

People often want to do online shopping these days. It is quite exciting to be able to receive the required products at our doorstep. People have a busy schedule and find it difficult to spare time to visit the market to get the products that they need. Thus online shopping is the best option available and is quite famous among people these days. 

How do the products ordered by people through e-commerce websites reach them? The answer is courier services. Courier services have been proving their reliability and efficiency with each parcel delivery that they do. E-commerce websites and online businesses have tie-ups with trusted third-party courier companies that take the responsibility of safely delivering the products ordered by their customers to the destination. Although e-commerce businesses can set up an in-house delivery team but outsourcing the delivery of products to the courier companies is the best and cost-effective solution. This reduces the workload and the businesses can focus on their business properly. 

It is quite difficult for online businesses to survive without the existence of efficient courier services. Courier services play an important role in the success of online businesses. Courier service providers have made it possible to deliver the products even to the remote locations of the country. People living in rural areas can easily enjoy the products that are not available in their local markets by ordering them online. International courier services have made it possible to send a courier to Luxembourg from India including the other parts of the globe. E-commerce businesses can sell their products worldwide as it is easy and fast to deliver the products outside India with the help of international courier service providers.


What if the courier companies were not there? The E-commerce industry would have only two options, either sending the products via local post or by setting up an internal team that can take care of the entire product delivery process.

Let us now understand these options one by one:

  1. Local post: It is a cost-effective courier delivery option but there is no idea how long a customer has to wait before getting the products. Normally, customers want the products at the earliest once they have ordered them. So, this might not be an effective option for online businesses.

  2. In-house team: Setting up an in-house courier team takes a lot of effort and time. Firstly, businesses have to hire employees to handle the backend and front end of the supply chain. Also, they need to hire delivery agents who can deliver the products to the customer’s doorstep. Then they also need to buy vehicles that will be involved in the entire supply chain. This is a non-exhaustive list and businesses might end up spending a lot more than required on the delivery process.

Courier services have all the set-up required to complete the delivery of a parcel efficiently. They are experienced in their field and can handle the parcels carefully. Most courier companies do both domestic and international deliveries. They have the required documents to send the parcels outsides the borders of the country. Courier companies provide an option of same-day delivery for domestic parcels. So, by paying a premium for the same-day delivery, quick delivery of the products can be enjoyed. Besides this there are advanced courier tracking facilities available and customers can keep a track of their parcels from the comfort of their homes. Courier companies have now. started to provide the packaging facility for the products which reduces hassle for the customers.


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