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Coverage Offered by Kidney Stones Insurance Plans

Kidney Stones Insurance Plans

According to a research revelation, every 1 in 10 individuals in India are afflicted with chronic kidney disorders, which often prove to be life-threatening. On top of that, India reports somewhat around 2 lakh new kidney disease cases every year, with the rate being ever-increasing.

In addition, hospitals in India usually charge hefty fees in exchange for providing special treatment for kidney stones and complications. As a result, insurance aggregators provide health insurance for kidney patients to significantly reduce their medical and health-related expenses.

However, before buying individuals must be aware of the factors that come under the coverage of such health insurance plans to reap the maximum benefits of such options.

What does health insurance for kidney patients cover?

On the surface of it, health insurance for kidney stones is an effective way to finance one’s medical treatment in exchange for a competitive premium. A deeper analysis of the same reveals that millions of Indians suspected of kidney complications are opting for such health insurance plans. It is mainly because the cost of treatment is rising fast and personal finances fall short before it.

Thus, individuals should have knowledge of the areas that are duly covered under insurance coverage for kidney stones. The following is a list of benefits that patients of kidney related diseases are eligible to receive from an efficient kidney health cover –

       Expenses for treatment in hospitals – Individuals often have to go from pillar to post to receive medical attention for their kidney diseases. This includes hospitalisation and subsequent treatment. In most cases, such facilities drain an individual of his/her personal finances, and it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the same quality of treatment without financial aid.

Therefore, they opt for health insurance for kidney patients to receive appropriate compensation for their hospitalization expenses. This enables them to expand their personal savings corpus while continuing to receive qualitative treatment from leading designated hospitals and clinics.

  Coverage for diagnostic tests – Insurance coverage for kidney stones also includes the compensation for expenses related to diagnostic tests. In most cases, patients suffering from kidney diseases often have to undergo a series of comprehensive medical tests. These typically involve high costs for clinical urine tests, biopsy, blood urea nitrogen assessment, and computed tomography.

As a result, health insurance for kidney patients is an easy way to recover financially from the expenses of undergoing these vital series of diagnostic tests.

   Financial safeguard against hefty doctor’s fees – Everyone expects to receive premium kidney treatment and assessment from established doctors. Yet, it is an expensive process more often than not, especially if the condition involves visiting the doctor’s chamber frequently.

Therefore, individuals afflicted with such chronic diseases buy health insurance for kidney stones to finance such expenses. With the hefty doctor’s fees covered under such insurance plans, individuals can channelize their personal finances elsewhere for recovery measures.

     Compensation for medication expenses – The medication for kidney diseases is usually a high-cost affair which is enough to deplete a patient financially. Consequently, individuals can purchase these health insurance policies, especially if they want financial compensation for medical expenses before, during, and after hospitalization.

A Kidney Stones Insurance from Bajaj Finserv under the company’s Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions proves to be a useful an instrument to significantly reduce a patient’s financial burden while dealing with such diseases. They can receive kidney stone insurance claims with an easy-to-follow process.

Individuals also have the option to protect themselves financially against expenses related to tetanus infection with an efficient infection cover plan. With this, they can also finance their hospitalization and medical costs, thus lowering they're financial liabilities.

In addition, patients can also bear the cost of diagnosis and treatment of meningococcal meningitis with the meningitis insurance cover. It enables them to continue qualitative treatment without worrying about their own financial expenses.

Therefore, health insurance for kidney patients is an effective opportunity to seek the necessary treatment and medicine at a significantly lower financial burden. Individuals suffering from chronic kidney diseases can thus receive coverage for a wide range of medical facilities and expenses.

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