Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Covid-19: How to keep kids without screen

Schools are off and the kids are at home with no option to go out anywhere. However, the kids need to be kept occupied and screens are not an option if you want your kid’s mental and physical health to be intact.

Here are a few things you can do

Science experiments

If you have enough time and want to teach something to your young ones you can do simple experiments at home. For instance, by connecting wires through lemon and a battery you can form a circuit. This will help your child understand the concept of the flow of electricity and also how acid is a conductor of electricity. Several others can easily be performed with things that are in your home.


Model trains

If they like trains then you can easily get some model train kits set to help them set it up in their rooms or the lounge. The activity is bound to keep them busy for several hours each day. The kits are so real and interesting that there is a chance that while setting them up adults will also have fun. They have all the elements of a real train station.


Art activities

If they have a knack for artistic activities then you can keep them busy with DIY projects, making a painting, or get some coloring books.


A treasure hunt

Now, this activity will take a lot of planning on your part. For this write up a few chits i.e. hints and hide them in different parts of the home. It will be a day full of fun and you can even teach them a thing or two through this.


Portable swimming pools

Summers are here and the only way to beat the scorching heat can be done by sitting in the air conditioner or swimming. Since the community pools are closed down you can set up an indoor pool it can be your bathtub or a portable pool. The young ones are bound to have a blast splashing and use their imaginative skills to spring up stories about pirates.


A gym

Since all outdoor activities are closed the kid's physical activities have become more or less minimum. To keep them active during this time you can set up an indoor gym that can have trails, soft carpets, and soft watches. An hour or two of exercise each morning will keep their physical health in shape.

90’s games

In the 90s there was no concept of mobile phones, hence we had a lot of games that we used to play for instance hide and seek, kick the can, hopscotch, jacks, marbles, green-light red-light and many others. This is the perfect chance to teach this generation what games are and how much fun the 90s generation had playing them. You never know they might enjoy them too.



Giving your kid a phone or an Ipad is easy and we understand that sometimes it is essential so that you can get a bit of work done. But if they are stuck to those devices every day for hours then this can damage their mental and physical health. Hence as a parent, a little bit of effort is required from your side to keep them healthy.  


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