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Covid 19 - Learn About New Symptoms


Covid-19 is a new disease for the world right now. If during this disease, a person's body temperature reaches 100.4 degrees F or 38 degrees C, along with cough and difficulty in breathing, then these people should not get out of the house at all. Also, you should keep a distance of about 6 feet from other people…

Most common symptom

In people with SARS coronavirus

  • fever
  • Fatigue
  • And the most common symptoms are dry cough. But some patients also have a runny nose, swelling, and pain in the throat, nasal congestion or difficulty in breathing through the nose, needles prick and pain in the body, diarrhea problem.

These often do not require any special treatment. Many times the patient does not even know that he is suffering from Covid-19.

What will happen when you get this disease?

As we told you earlier that the symptoms of the disease caused by the coronavirus are detected in 6-14 days and if you have been caught by this disease then you will have its effect within 6-14 days.

During this time you will feel that you are healthy and there is also a possibility that you will reach this disease to others.

No one should leave their house. Nor did anyone come in contact with anyone due to which the infection of coronavirus spread to others.

How does this coronavirus disease spread?

COVID-19 is mainly spread by droplets resulting from an infected person's cough or sneezing. This can happen in two ways:

V One can get an infection by being in close contact with COVID-19 patients (within one meter of the infected person), especially if they do not cover their face when coughing or sneezing.

The droplets survive for many days on surfaces and clothing. Therefore, the disease can be spread by touching any such infected surface or cloth and then touching one's mouth, nose, or eyes.

The incubation period (time between infection and showing symptoms) of COVID 19 is 6 to 14 days. Some people are suffering from an infection. But the disease can spread without any serious symptoms.

More trouble for these people

This condition is especially seen in those who are already suffering from some serious disease. For example, heart disease, BP, diabetes, or any chronic respiratory condition such as asthma.

Some special characteristics of Covid-19

Some special symptoms were seen in it. In these, the body temperature of the patient is greatly increased. So much so that if one puts his hands on his chest and back, he feels a lot of heat.

Recovery depends on disease resistance

Because Kovid-19 is viral pneumonia, the patient's recovery depends on his immunity.

That any person, who has such symptoms inside, should stay indoors for at least 7 days and during this time also keep a distance from family members. If you are staying with family then they should stay indoors for 14 days.

Take medical help in this situation

If the symptoms of the disease are visible in your body even after 7 days, then seek medical help immediately. You can call the helpline number and take the help of coronavirus consult online at home.

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