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Covid Vaccines and Travel Guide for Asian Countries

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COVID-19 started in late 2019 but the very first big wave struck globally in early 2020. Almost every country around the world was infected by this deadly virus that took away the lives of millions worldwide. The year 2020 was spent in lockdown in most countries (you could go out while following the restrictions).

Some countries like New Zealand overcame this virus by strictly following the guidelines and were COVID-free by the mid of the year but they still implemented travel restrictions.

The good news is that the travel ban for most countries has been lifted for most countries and you can now spend some quality time vacationing in some of your favorite countries in Asia. Here is a list of countries in Asia you can travel to with a COVID vaccine guide.


The country where the virus attacked first. However, in May of 2020, the travel ban for US citizens, residents, or visa holders were allowed to travel to China.

Precaution were a must, a COVID test result 48 hours before arriving in China was a must. This result is to be submitted to the Chinese embassy for a green health card and would further spend 14 days in quarantine at a hotel at their own expense even if they had a place to live there. Such precautions are still being followed.  


The country has the second biggest toll of the COVID-19 case after the US and wasn’t able to contain the outbreak in the first go. It reopened its popular tourist sites like the Taj Mahal etc on 21 September 2020 for the locals. Foreigners coming in from abroad were not allowed to enter the country initially except for a few government officials and businessmen. However, the travel ban for India has been lifted as well.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka resumed its international flights on December 26th, 2020, with a proof of a 72 hour COVID test result before travel and along with a test to be taken on arrival as well.

Another COVID test will take place on day 7 without any quarantine. The minimum stay in the country shouldn’t be less than 14 days.


Pakistan was also one of the countries which hit hard due to COVID.  However, it overcame this wave very smoothly. The second wave was predicted to be worse yet Pakistan was able to defeat it the second time as well though the restrictions this time weren’t as strict as before. Maintenance of social distancing, ban on indoor dining and the correct usage of the mask is always ensured. Birmingham flights to Lahore require a 2-day prior test to enter the country


It prohibited all international entries till the 31st of December 2020 with some exceptions such as spouses who could apply for passes to enter the country. People entering the country will have to self-quarantine for 10 days but the rules and regulations are changing rapidly in the country so it may be different later on.

COVID Vaccine

Most countries will implement the COVID vaccine to be taken before or after the arrival if you haven’t taken it before. If you want to travel now you should take the vaccine.

If you are looking to visit these countries during COVID these are the guidelines for them and should be strictly followed.

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