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cPanel Licenses Price: Pick Best Option For Your Licenses


The cPanel Licenses and the WHM are the dedicated license version which is mainly designed to get installed on the fully dedicated server of bare metal. In this, we will observe that the 100% hardware is mainly allocated to the machine operations. Until and unless you purchase some dedicated license till then you won’t make any access to the main software. cPanel is not free of cost. For the new users, the test prices are now available. To have more details on the test license one must visit the email address which is [email protected] We will never recommend installing the cPanel on the pc. One should simply navigate to the store of cPanel and then further click on the Account Log in option in order to create the cPanel store account. If you don’t possess the store account of the cPanel then you should create it first. After that, you must do the necessary process or steps in order to verify the email address before making the cPanel License purchase. cPanel licensing is important.


cPanel is an outstanding panel for web hosting. It will provide the tools which will help in making the hosting process easy. The cPanel can be used as the three-tier structure. cPanel can help to deliver the comforts for the resellers, administrators, and for each client in order to handle several website factors. With the help of the HTTPs port, 2083 one can reach the cPanel.


The Benefits of a Cheap cPanel License

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The cPanel licenses are much advantageous and useful to the users. One can have the following benefits after getting the Cheap cPanel Licenses:-

    • Unlimited domains on the individual server

    • Fully branded licenses of the cPanel

    • Multi-Languages cPanel license is offered

    • Free AntiVirus

    • Best Owner interface with a good domain


The Options to Deal with cPanel License Price Update   

One can deal with the cPanel prices update by adopting the following options:-

    • One can migrate to the control panel other than the cPanel.

    • One can also migrate to the cPanel partner NOC with the lower price of the cPanel.

    • One must live with the increase in the prize and also adjust the business model as per the requirements or the need.

These points are further illustrated and explained below:-


    1. Migrate to the cPanel Alternative 

This particular way may seem daunting to you but it is very easy to follow. In the market mainly four predominant control panels are there which are- Plesk, cPanel, Interworx, and the DirectAdmin.In the market, these options were there for a long time. There can be both positive and negative aspects in this case.


    2. Plesk 

We will never recommend you to migrate to the Plesk. Oakley capital owns the Plesk. If you want to leave the cPanel because of the business practices then you must not expect any other thing to get better with the Plesk. We will never tell you to opt for the Plesk.


    3. Direct Admin

The direct admin will offer you multiple benefits over the main cPanel. As it offers a very simple fixed price which is just $29 per month or also $200 per year which includes both the unlimited accounts and domain support. The direct admin can make a straightforward promise to protect against the increase in the price. Also, it is much lighter in weight, leaner, and quite simple. The DirectAdmin will not possess the main integrations or the essential features of the cPanel. There are limited supported integrations but it will not support the WHMCS. With the limited time, the price will increase. There are no special tools to migrate from the cPanel to the main DirectAdmin.


    4. One can simply Migrate to the cPanel alternative Interworx

Today Interworx is regarded as the top favorite control panel. The reason is that it is much more modern than the main cPanel. Also, a great array is provided for clustering the functions from the main box. It also consists of a nice interface that works efficiently on mobile devices. The interface is quite similar to the main cPanel which has the Nodeworx and also the Siteworx. Yet it’s intuitive too. The command-line tools are there and the control panel is not broken by the command line. The backend structure is very clean and neat too. It can get installed and updated properly. Along with all major billing platforms, Interworx can do the work. They are:-

    • Ubersmith

    • Blesta

    • Clientexec

    • HostBill

    • WHMCS


It’s a built-in feature to migrate from the cPanel to the Interworx. You can use the Siteworx import feature. Serverwala can provide you complete migration assistance and advice too. Accounts of public cloud hosting are there. Also, there are appropriate  Linux dedicated servers, screenshots of the control panel and free 2-week demo license are available to the users. We can say that using the Interworx as the main alternative of the cPanel you can acquire great benefit.


    5. Migrate to the cPanel partner NOC

Serverwala is the Authorized Partner of the cPanel. Hence we don’t have the expertise on the cPanel. If you are purchasing the dedicated servers or cloud hosting from us then we can provide you the license which is near to the main cost. We can say that by simply migrating to the cPanel NOC partner you can solve the problem of the cPanel price update.


The Step You have to Take Next To Buy cPanel License: Serverwala

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The Serverwala Data Center is always there to grant you great help. We are very pleased to give you the proper advice on which are the best steps to deal with the increase in the cPanel price. We provide you with a Serverwala difference in the expertise layer. You can find the best option for the business mainly. You can approach us with the option  Contact Us form, or can simply email us at the site [email protected] You can also make use of the live chat button which is there at the page’s bottom right side.




In this article, we have seen which are the best options to pick for the cPanel license. The cPanel Licenses Price is an important aspect to consider. There are several advantages to the cPanel license. The cPanel lifetime license, the efficient cPanel solo license, much appropriate the cPanel cloud license, and the cPanel metal license are the different license types. One can deal with the cPanel prize update by following or adopting certain measures like- migrating to a new NOC partner or the cPanel alternative. You can further follow the next steps which can solve your problem. You can also get more information about Cheap cPanel Licenses through Serverwala who is an Authorized partner of cPanel.


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