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CPAP Equipment – SoClean Disinfects for Your Safety

As a CPAP user, you know one of the most important aspects of having one is keeping it clean. It is important to ensure the mask, tube, and humidifier sanitized for the patient's health and safety. Sanitizing the machine and its parts is essential to preventing illness but many patients find this to be extremely time consuming and either give up on using the machine, or they give up on cleaning it.

One of the primary complaints of CPAP users is that their machine needs to be sanitized on a regular basis, and the process is time-consuming. Many patients say they would be more likely to use their CPAP if this process was easier. This is a shame because a CPAP machine is very effective in treating different forms of sleep apnea. It also helps treat the consequences associated with the conditions that affect the heart and lungs.

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Design of the SoClean CPAP Cleaner

The design of the SoClean machine is very attractive, at least compared to other CPAP machines. There is an easy access storage compartment for the mask and straps. The compartment closes to secure the mask for later use.

This compartment serves a purpose other than storage. It automatically turns on at a time you program for it to disinfect the mask, tubing, and the water in the CPAP humidifier reservoir with no help from you.

Using the SoClean CPAP Cleaner

After you complete the initial setup according to the manufacturer directions, the machine is very easy to use. All you have to do is place the mask inside its dedicated compartment and close the lid. The machine will turn on and run on its own, cleaning your mask every day.

The cleaning process takes around 10 minutes. It sanitizes the various components of the machine using a process called ozonation, which has been proven to be an effective method of sanitizing medical assistance equipment.

SoClean Initial Setup

Setting up the SoClean is very easy. Many people complain the pictures on the given instructions are a little difficult to follow, the written directions seem to be very clear. A great benefit is that most patients who use it only require a onetime set up, as long as they have a consistent sleep schedule.

Ensuring that your CPAP machine is well cared for provides a lot of benefits. It decreases your risk of developing common conditions associated with using one, and also reduces your cardiopulmonary risks from not using one, or not using one the correct way. Please visit our company website at for more information  about CPAP machine.

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