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Create Engaging Videos for Social Media

Videos have exploded as the preferred form of content on social media. Facebook alone sees 8 billion video views a day from 500 million users, which amounts to 100 million hours of time spent watching videos per day.

Online video consumption is expanding so rapidly that, according to Cisco, online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020.

Marketers & businesses are quickly adapting to this shift by incorporating video into their overall acquisition strategies.

However, the main struggle most face is finding the resources to produce video at a consistent pace.

The good news is with the right set of tools (both free and paid) and a clear strategy for video marketing you can create engaging videos for social media without spending a lot of budget and time. Here Instagram app downloader can be very useful.

Whether you work for a billion dollar company or are a small business owner, videos can help you get the word out in a way that engages your target audience.

So, if there’s one thing you should do in 2017, it should be to find a stronger place for video in your content strategy for social media.

1) Define Your End Goal & Video Statement

The first step to successful videos on any social media platform is to identify your objective.

Do you want to generate leads with videos, build brand awareness, promote your latest product, or showcase your company culture?

I’ve said this before, and can’t stress it enough — before developing a strategy, define your customer personas. When you know who your audience is, you’ll be able to create an effective video campaign.

Here are some examples of ways you can utilize video to enhance your marketing strategy:

1. To build brand awareness
When it comes to brand awareness, videos can catapult your metrics and help reach your goals faster. Whether you’re explaining what your company does or your latest venture, videos aimed at brand awareness tend to build a higher share of mind than regular posts.

2. To generate leads
For any modern marketer, lead generation is a top priority. Videos can help scale up your lead generation efforts by developing authority, educating your prospects, and building trust over time.

3. To promote company culture
People want to work at a company with a culture they can relate to positively. The best way to promote culture is to show it through video testimonials with your employees, showcasing a day in the life at the office, or simply talking about what makes you a great employer.

4. To engage with customers and prospects
Videos can help engage your customers and prospects in a quick and enjoyable way. Whether you’re promoting a new product launch or inviting customers to a webinar, videos will draw in your audience.

5. To establish your brand as a thought leader
Blogs have always been an excellent source for companies to build their brand as a prominent thought leader in their industry. This year, however, brands have started to see a format shift to video.

2) Different Platforms, Different Strategy

While you can publish video on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you’ll want to be cognizant that a video that performs well on Facebook may not get the same high engagement on Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram.

3) Forget Fancy Gear

Making videos can be daunting. However, you don’t require a fancy camera kit to do the job. All you need is a smartphone and a basic set up that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


Lokeshvari Parmar, Working as SEO analyst for 4 years. Loves to explore and share new SEO strategies, inbound marketing, Digital trends, Content marketing, Social media trends, mobile apps and nuances in technology.
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