How to Create A Well-respected University Brand

The sector of higher education has entered into an evolving period and now the universities need to market themselves more. The students are in searching the value for money courses. The university branding has become more important as never before, it’s not just the logos anymore. These are some key observations on what it takes to create a value of branding for great universities or top ranking universities:

To become a part of top ranking universities, you need a long-term strategy, not a short-term one! Clarity and coherence are required to build a successful university brand. Seeing through the brand lens can help a lot in decreasing the complexities. Simplify your brand positioning and create unique value that doesn’t create a disjointed image.  Create a clear impression of who they are. To create an irresistible brand, you need to know what is being said about your brand to know where you exactly stand. Find out what’s being said about your university on social media and traditional media as well. Ask the students who are currently studying and alumni. Get in touch with the faculty, recruiters and counselors to get ideas. Have open forums being held to talk about the university and listen for feedback. This way you can evaluate the university’s reputation.

  • Focus on building a brand promise based on courses and student’s experience. Build brand strategies that showcases the important dynamics such as student experience, faculty reputation, campus culture, engagement and alumni. Because these dynamics will help to shape the image of the university in student’s mind.
  • Have a thoroughly updated and relevant curriculum in order to create a brand experience. Nowadays great universities need to think about the increasing population of students from all walks of life to offer a wide spectrum of course needs. This will help in leveraging the brand’s position in the marketplace.
  • Powerful brands create emotional experience which creates loyalty. You have to make sure that the emotional connection between your university and the student is strong because this will bring increased profitability for the university. Understand your market segments deeply in order to provide convenient locations and have a strong influence.
  • Branding is an investment for great universities. As a university, you have to constantly prove your value to the students by offering higher ranking, big endowment, great percentage of alumni, lower acceptance rate. Have genuine authority to interact with the students at a much higher level. The potential students are looking for a genuine feel of the university online and you have to make sure the students are getting the genuine feel of campus life that they can relate to. This will allow to create a genuine connection with the students.
  • Be social-media savvy to have a wider reach. Put the students’ skills to good use by encouraging them to share snapshots of their lives at the university including everything from studying, lectures, photos of the events that they have attended at the university. This will help in showcasing the lifestyle of the top ranking universities.

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