Monday, October 2, 2023
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Creating an Environment Where Your Employees Will Want to Stay

Work is a place where employees should feel safe and trusted. When employees do not feel trusted or valued they will likely quit on short notice. This can result in a high turnover rate and companies may be left scratching their heads as they wonder why they can’t keep employees for a long time.

High turnover rates and poor company reviews can be remedy when the company decides to make vital changes in its leadership and management structure.

Here are five ways to create a space where employees will want to work:

Take a Serious Inventory

This will require you to put aside your emotions and take an objective look at how your company runs. You can make a pros and cons list of the state of the company. This allows you to see what is going well and what are some things that are not going well.

After you have taken an honest inventory and figured out the state of you company, start to look at where you could make some changes. If an old policy isn’t doing your company any good it may be time to get rid of that policy. If some new changes are not producing the results you want you may need to come up with something that is more effective.

Look at Where You Want to Be

You may have no idea where you want to go but you need to look at someone who you admire. This could be someone who you went to school with or it could be someone who is a public figure, such as Benjamin Breier, the president and CEO for Kindred Healthcare.

You can pick and choose what leadership skills and attributes you enjoy and you can incorporate those into your work ethic and workplace environment. This allows you to choose what applies to you and your company and cut out things that aren’t right for your company.

Make Changes

You should now have a solid idea of where you are and where you want to be. This is now the time to make changes and start implementing new procedures and management. There are, of course, more effective and professional ways to implement change within your workplace.

Communicating effectively with everyone in the company is going to be key when something new is going to be introduced. This can be done in several different meetings or one group meeting depending on the size of your company. Allowing your employees to ask questions and give feedback will help them understand where you are coming from. They will also be able to point out concerns and flaws that they see within the changes.

Take Feedback Seriously

If you see that your reviews on Google or on are constantly negative you may want to inquire into why that is happening. Look for common themes in the reviews and take what they are saying seriously. If multiple employees have quit from one complaint it probably means that that needs to be changed within your company.

Enjoy Your Workspace

Creating a good work environment takes patience and hard work. Once you have made changes and seen improvements you deserve to enjoy where you work. There is nothing better than working hard and seeing that hard work pays off. You will have to put in work to maintain this environment but it is more of a maintenance phase instead of an overhaul.

You can also come up with different ways to show that you trust your employees and value them. This could be having a company party or randomly buying everyone pizza for lunch. You can also accomplish this by connecting with your employees and showing them that you care.

With the right amount of work and careful attention you can create a workspace that employees will enjoy. Have you worked at a space where you loved the environment? What did they do that you wish you could have in your job right now? Share this article with a fellow coworker or working friend.

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