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Creating Customer and sales reports

This article would help you to understand creating custom reports in QuickBooks

Creating Customer and sales reports

From the main menu choose the option Report then select option Customer and Receivable and after that choose customer phone list than choose option Customize Report

The options I am going to explain you not inclusive to QuickBooks Enterprise they are applicable for all versions of QuickBooks.

Source Vs Detail

Detail Level Filter in Transactions Detail Report

Custom Summary Report

Bonus: Customization canned Report

In this case you first need to understand What is the source and whats is the destination

If you hear the word Header or Summary define source and if you have terms like Detail, Line, Items defines destination.

So every transitions have source where the translation is coming from for Example like Bank account.

The destination is an expense category.

So when you are going to create detail custom report you always have Detail Level Filter

All debits and credits for all display transactions

Summary only: Will show the souce header data only, transition Total no details.( Split: When multiple line items are the present)

All except summary: Will show the destination , Detail , line items od the transactions.

Source Vs Destination

It depends upon report whats us souce and whats destination

Here is the check List of the souce and the Destination:

If the translation type is Check or Deposit in this case Souce is bank and Destinations is Expense or Undeposited Funds in any account. QuickBooks Tool Hub

In case if the transactions type is invoice or crecit memo the source would be Accounts Receivable and designation is Sales account from items.

And if you are doing Journal entry QuickBooks File Doctor would consider the first entry as source and second entry would be the Destination.

So its always if you are doing you pick bank account or account receivable or payable as the first line items. Just make sure journal entry contains only one balance sheets account and rest is Profit and Loss account.

Report Filters

    Data Displayed is Limited to filters applied

    Mostly used filters: Detail Level date, Account, Name, Class Item, Amount Transactions Type, Paid Status, Posting status, Cleared, Memo.

Number of Types report in QuickBooks Desktop

    Custom Summary Report

    Detail Report

    Any Special report

    List of reports for Example: Account, Names,Items.

Now understand how to Run Customer Detail report in QuickBooks.

  1. Open QuickBooks

  2. From main menu Choose option Report

  3. After that Custom Report

  4. Next translation detail the most common report in QuickBooks

  5. Then Custom report windows would open

  6. Choose date rage from the Drop menu which would give all the transactions in that financial year.

  7. After that go to Filters and then details level

  8. Click on Summary only

  9. Then click on filter again

  10. And then Transation Types, accounts

  11. Then choose accounts receivable

  12. Here we are creating a report that contains header of all invoices and credit memo’s transitions that affect the accounts receivable.

  13. Now once you click Ok, You have Detail header report ready for you which has different invoice numbers.

  14. So this is basically a Custom summary report which affect your account receivable.

  15. Now it depends upon your requirement what kind of report you want to run.

  16. You can customize report as per your need by going into Customize report and then filters.

  17. Most of the times Users get confuse with one specific colum which is called Split, This colum is specific to the Inoivce and number of Items listed in.

  18. If a specific invoice has multiple entries this specific colum would show -split- in front of it.

  19. Thats how the QuickBooks Accounting Journal entry system works.

  20. QuickBooks Software makes automatic adjustment during accounting entry.

  21. QuickBooks allow you to run three types of report All, Summary only and All Except Summary so you can make choices as per your need.


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