Friday, September 29, 2023
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Creating The Memorable Mailer Boxes – The Ideas & Tips

To begin with, the mailer boxes are extremely popular, and especially because the consumers can order anything from online stores and websites. There are transport companies working from the forefront but it’s important to create and design the package with creativity. Before we start talking about the creative ideas and tips, it is essential to wonder about the practical aspects.  

We cannot stress enough the importance of practical features of the packaging because it involves product protection. For the most part, the primary purpose of the boxes is to ensure intact and protected delivery of the product, so you cannot let go of the protection. The cushioning in the box’s wall promises the prevention of mechanical damages and injuries. 

In addition, the cushioning in mailer boxes will help neutralize the temperatures that can harm the products and interfere with the protection. The second most important fact is that mailer boxes can impact product shipping and transportation. For this reason, one can depend on custom mailer boxes because they aren’t only handy but lightweight as well. 

The custom mailer boxes can be easily set up in aircraft, ships, and trucks, so it’s suitable for a variety of shipping methods. Now that we have talked about the reasons to choose the mailer boxes, are you ready to start talking about the ideas to create memorable mailer boxes?

The Unconventional Mailer Boxes 

The mailer boxes are often perceived as grey yet plain cartons and are the safest packaging solution. However, these boxes won’t be remembered by the customers. So, if you want the mailer boxes to stand out or become associated with your company, you must consider the small yet intricate details. To begin with, you have the option to change the shape of the mailing box.

In addition, you can decorate the mailer boxes with color imprinting and vibrant designs. You can opt for various printing versions available at packaging companies (WeCustomBoxes is one of them, by the way), so you can access the custom mailer boxes in peace. Not to forget, if you have the right mailer boxes, even the courier will start associating your company with the memorable packaging. 

For instance, if you are a brand that’s selling funny gadgets, kid toys, or entertainment-related products, you have to opt for playful packaging. If the products are for kids, you can also opt for the DIY design, so kids can even utilize the packaging to color your boxes. Sure, the DIY packaging might seem trivial but it will deliver smiles along with the product. 

On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that adding external embellishment or decorations can be pretty risky because a broken product delivery can adversely impact the company’s advertising. As far as the solutions are concerned, why don’t you utilize different printing ideas since you can choose between short texts and graphics? 

The content of the box depends on the company profile. If your brand can handle it, you can even print down the jokes. On the contrary, if you cannot add the jokes, there is always some space for a short picture story. If you cannot think of anything else, you can add the story about how the material was recycled to make the mailer box. 

The picture story about material recycling will help deliver a captivating image in the eyes of the customers. That being said, you will be able to show that your brand is committed to environmental preservation and takes care of the customers’ needs. So, what’s the harm in that?

Are Mailer Boxes Dominant In The Packaging Industry?

The brief answer is yes, the mailer boxes are dominant in the packaging industry. It’s pretty apparent that some packaging trends are here to stay and stick. Ranging from custom packaging to personalized designs, digital printing to sustainable options, and minimal designs, there are various packaging options available (there are custom sizes and shapes as well) with the mailer boxes. 

Believe it or not, the mailer boxes are easy to customize and the easy-fold design will create supreme packaging solutions. This is because the craft aesthetics, digital printers, and sustainable brands are preferring mailer boxes. That being said, it’s evident that the mailer boxes are here to stay because of the following reasons;


  • The First Impression – Long gone the times when the first impression was only reserved for the brick-and-mortar stores. In case you are a small retailer brand, we are certain that you are depending on third-party platforms for generating sales. However, if people are buying products from Etsy and Amazon, the brand identity won’t be the central point. That being said, your packaging will be the first impression of your brand when someone receives the order

  • Low-Cost Packaging – The mailer boxes have the capacity to impress the customers without breaking the bank, so you can customize the mailer boxes according to your preferences and brand aesthetics

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