Creative Masterclasses For Professionals: Are They Worth It?


Hitting a wall, writer’s block or just a lack of ideas and finding yourself sitting in front of a blank page? Whatever career, no matter the field, we all have struggles and challenges where we find ourselves struggling creatively at times.

Still, how do we get past this mental block and move on? Or how do we even start the creative process? Whilst the answer may not be so simple, a creative masterclass or a creative London workshop is where you can find the answer.

Creative thinking is fast becoming the must-have ability of our age. A global IBM study of CEOs found it to be the skill leaders say they need most. It’s clear that whilst our methods and practices may evolve and change as time progresses, the core talent that is required is creativity.

So Why Are Masterclasses So Beneficial?

The term masterclass refers to teaching a subject taught by someone with particular expertise or industry professional. From this t, the most significant benefit may be obvious. You get to learn and draw experience from industry experts and learn their methods and strategies.

Masterclasses offer you the opportunity to work alongside others in a supportive environment and through practical exercises to help broaden your skill base so you can draw from new diverse techniques in your everyday practices.


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In 2021 we now find companies such as D&AD that offer easy access to a wide range of masterclasses that help individuals learn Creative Skills, Creative Mindset and Creative Leadership via industry experts:

“D&AD Masterclasses are creative courses that power up careers and future-proof businesses by focusing on the creative skills of tomorrow, taught by the stars of today. “

But a creative master class is so much more than just teaching you the right skills and practices. It also looks at your mindset and helps you develop game-changing innovative ideas, build on creative leadership skills, and embrace and enhance the power of creative thinking within your office.

How Does It Work?

The beauty of a creative masterclass is the format, in that there are many different formats available.

To get the most out of the masterclass, you as the participant get to choose what chosen media or format works best for you. It is recommended that you decide what will engage with you the most and most beneficial to your preferred learning style.

Whilst the typical lecture-style format may be a staple for most masterclasses. Companies such usually have multiple options available:

Virtual Masterclasses-  Now that the majority of us find ourselves confined to our homes, a virtual masterclass offers you the opportunity to remotely speak to world-class leaders worldwide in the form of either 1 hour or ½ day multi-day courses delivered virtually to your team.

Broadcasts- Whether you just find yourself in need of some much-needed inspiration, a 1-hour webinar or motivational talk.

Blended Courses-  A blended course allows you to take a deep dive into discussion topics with virtual webinars and live classrooms with engaging challenges and source material and “Q & A” discussions.

Ultimately in today’s ever-complex and rapidly ever-changing world, creativity is the one thing that can set us apart from the rest; it makes us easy to hire and hard to replace.

However, the notion of being creative is typically thought of as something you are born with, which is simply not true.

Creative masterclasses taught by creative experts and industry professionals are the gateway to learning how to flex your creative muscles successfully.

They’re one of the best and most effective ways of upskilling your current team, improving working relationships across your organisation, and boosting the effectiveness of your business as a result. They’re great for small teams, departments and CEOs to improve management styles.

Especially now, when so many industries are looking to continually expand and grow with regards to changing how things are done, how industries interact with the public, and the demands on business to find more creative solutions to the world’s problems, creative masterclasses for professionals are on of the most qualified ways to find solutions, fix skills gaps and improve businesses.